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What Does Compassion For Cats Tell You About A Person?

Jul 7, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    SciFi author Robert Heinlein gave a more spiritual flavor to this concept when we said: "The way we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."

    I believe the compassion a person shows towards cats - and other living beings - says so much about them. The people I want to be around are those who can't pass by a meowing stray kitten without helping him. To me, that's just a degree of basic compassion I want to see in people around me. How about you? Can you see the correlation between compassion towards cats and other aspects of a person's ethics and behavior?

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  1. Dood_Wif_A_Kitteh
    Heinlein was a master. His works are tributes to human freedom and human responsibility. It's no wonder that he loved cats, as did Samuel Clemens.

    He knew that cats are special because humans do not have a master/servant relationship with them, and that this was a powerful example of good in the world.

    Anyone who has been blessed by having a friendship with a cat will know exactly what Heinlein meant. To share life with a feline "den mate", ally, and friend, is to know both joy and humility.
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  2. Punkin Pistolero
    I hate cruelty to animals of any kind and it breaks my heart seeing the victims who've suffered from this. The jerks who sadistically joke about cats being in Oriental Food are offensive and disgust me. Its heartless and cruel that people routinely put down healthy animals. How can a person live with that? These types if monsters have no place in my world. I found my calling is the weak and abandoned. Many a weak and sick kitty Ive done my best to have rockbound faith and "will them to live". I want to love and save all of them. And, its never easy to lose a beloved pet. Its a family member that youve lost. Those people who think its crazy to greive for an animal dont have a clue about unconditional love and have missed something extroadinary.
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  3. tarasgirl06
    That quote is part of my email footer, by the way.  That's how much I love it.
    As cats have always been beloved family members on both sides of my family, I am careful to stay far away from anyone who does not have compassion for cats.  The moment I find out an acquaintance is not a cat lover, they're out of my life, except in a couple of instances business-wise.  I prefer cats to humans, with no apology (but cat-loving humans are, of course, very welcome into my life!)
  4. mfena0720
    Just recently I was reading a thread discussing how frustrating the DMV is. One poster jokingly mentioned not once, but twice how it makes her "want to strangle kittens." I loathe hearing any line like that, even if it is a figure of speech or meant in jest. I would never joke about hurting animals, especially cats. Maybe I'm just extra sensitive, but anyone who uses phrases like that around me are pretty much nixed from my company. Oh, and also people who say they hate cats. Whenever I meet someone like this, I can't help but to immediately judge them and think wow, I would NEVER trust you; you are lacking something human and definitely have issues.
    I think we cat lovers are the type of people who just have bigger hearts than others. We simply have a level of love, intuition and compassion that goes beyond the norm. I also like to think all cat lovers are old souls!
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  5. plan
    As the sapient species, the dominant animals on this planet, it's our responsibility to care for the other animals. I like to joke that my cat isn't much different, behavior-wise, than my 3-year-old niece. But in many ways it's true, and that's why it's our job to keep them safe. They're innocent. They're blameless. They're not capable of negative human traits like spite, and yet they are capable of giving us so much love. Our majestic little friends have been at our side for millennia, and it's a friendship that should be treasured.
  6. Shane Kent
    I learned this behavior / belief from my grandmother at a very young age. She would feed stray / feral cats and gave me a stray to take home when I was a kid. She always gave to the humane society and could never turn a blind eye to a cat in need.
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