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Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone's Cloud - Inspurrational Quote

Mar 31, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Today's inspurrational quote is all about friendship and support.

    The wonderful heartwarming rescue stories TCS members often share on the site offer inspirational examples of how us humans can absolutely be the rainbow in a street cat's cloudy life. Many of these cat lovers insist that it was in fact the cat that had rescued them, and not the other way around. Indeed, just as we support them, our kitties often offer us the kind of unconditional love that becomes a brilliant rainbow in our lives.

    Why not share a rainbow story in the comments section below? How is your cat the rainbow in your cloud?

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  1. tarasgirl06
    Through all of the hard knocks -- and they have been many -- life has thrown my way, there has almost always been at least one cat to calm me, giving me cause to re-focus on what is loving, gentle, warm, and beautiful in life, and to re-commit to defend, care for, and love those who have always given my unconditional loyalty, love, the best of nonjudgmental camaraderie and friendship, and pure beauty.  There is so much that is sad, horrific, inexplicable, violent, unjust and unkind in life for almost all of us -- and cats, IMHO, are the antidote to all of that poison.  Because of them, the whole horizon is a rainbow.
  2. dennis47
    Yes, I believe that to be true. This is such a great pic and a great quote from a wonderful lady.
  3. kntrygrl256
    I think in most of our lives, we have at least one cat that has become our rainbow. I know I've had my share.
  4. foxxycat
    Honeybee came into my life after a sudden illness of a previous young cat. I admit I was spiraling down the way into depression. She came and cuddled and nuzzled me all night long. She helped me see that life gets better. And sadness is not forever.
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