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Feb 3, 2017 · ·
  1. hellobecky
    Hello everyone!





    2016 He really loves boxes


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  1. calico man
    Way to go Timmy!
  2. hellobecky
    Kawaii kitty: Timmy LOVES boxes! That's awesome you have two that love them too!!
  3. hellobecky
    Thank you all so much!!
  4. kawaii kitty
    Gasp! You have a box cat too! Lol I have two! And we are moving so we have to pack and of course boxes are involved and my cats could not control themselves. Jump to one to another box
  5. princessnova
    He looks so majestic!!
  6. raysmyheart
    Wow, I think that is so neat how Timmy got his name!  At first I saw that adorable picture of him as a kitten, then I scrolled to see a very handsome, sweet cat!  Welcome to you and Timmy to the cat site!  I really hope to hear and see so much more of both of you in the forums!  I agree that cats can sense if you are not feeling well.  I was sick in bed for one whole week and my Speedy stayed extra close to me all week! She did not leave my side. Thanks for the great photos, too!  The last picture is especially handsome.
  7. princessnova
    What a cutie!! 
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