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The Smallest Feline Is A Masterpiece - Inspurrational Quote

May 18, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    I'd like to dedicate today's inspurrational to all of the wonderful people who rescue newborn kittens. Thank you for giving these smallest of felines the precious care they need and deserve!

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  1. Anne
    @raysmyheart I agree! Kitten rescuers put so much into it saving these precious lives - it's admirable!
    I bet that collection is so beautiful! If you could take photos and share them with us on the boards I bet many members would enjoy that!
  2. raysmyheart
    Wow!  So precious!  I never heard this quote and was surprised to see that da Vinci is the author.  It is intriguing to me to see how cats affected people through history.  I collect antique postcards from around 1910, and now I have narrowed my collecting to mostly antique cat postcards.  Cats were the subject of many beautiful art and photo postcards at that time, especially from England.  
    This photo is so beautiful and could not fit the quote any better!  The work I read about on this site with the kittens that need care is just remarkable!!  So many kitten caregivers that will not give up for these little ones and the wonderful members on this site that guide them through it!
  3. whispurr
    It is so small and precious. 
  4. mazie
    Look at that newborn, how sweet.
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