The Litterbox: What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

Jul 22, 2016 · Updated Jun 8, 2017 · ·
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    Cats have a great advantage as indoor-only pets: They can have their own bathroom in our homes! We don't have to take them out for daily walks, or clean up after them all over the house. They have their own private toilets that they can use whenever they want to.

    The litterbox is one of the most important aspects in your cat's life. If you want your cat to regularly use the box and only the box (and you do!) then you have to set it up according to Kitty's needs and make sure it's properly maintained. How to do that? We have several guides that will walk you through everything you need to know about the litterbox!

    Whether you're a new owner or an experienced one, please take a few minutes to thoroughly read each one of these guides. When you're done, you can even take the quiz to find out just how much of an expert on litterboxes you are!

    1. Make The Right Choices When Setting Up The Litterbox

    If you're about to adopt a cat, now's the time to learn everything you can about how to choose the right litterbox and the right litter. This may come as a surprise but even if you only have one cat, you should probably have more than one litterbox in your home. Where should you put the litterboxes? Ahh, that's a good question and we have some good answers for you!

    Experienced cat owners should also read these at least once. Find out if there's anything you're doing wrong before you get into trouble:
    How To Choose The Right Litterbox
    How To Choose The Right Cat Litter
    How Many Litterboxes Should You Have?
    Litter Box Location Secrets
    10 Common Litterbox Mistakes Owners Make

    2. Keep the litterbox clean and well-maintained!

    Even with the best setup possible, you have to work at keeping the litterbox attractive for Kitty. It takes some time and effort but once you have your litterbox routine down, both you and your cat will enjoy a clean and fresh-smelling box. Read the following articles to learn all the tricks of the trade:
    How to Set Up an Effective Litterbox Maintenance Routine
    How Often Should You Clean the Litter Box?
    How To Minimize Litterbox Odor
    When & How to Switch to a New Type of Litter

    3. Know what to do if there are problems

    When your cat goes outside the litterbox, you have a problem.

    You're not alone. Litterbox avoidance is one of the most common behavior problems reported by owners. Address these issues quickly and effectively and you can get your cat to go back to the litterbox.

    So, what to do? We'll walk you through everything you need to know. These guides cover everything from potential health problems through cleaning the mess and on to behavior modification techniques:
    How To Solve Litterbox Problems In Cats
    How To Remove Cat Urine
    Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
    Feline Idiopathic Cystitis

    As cat owners, we are committed to our cat's well-being and must provided her or him with the best possible care. These guides should help you do just that where it comes to any litterbox issues. Think you already know it all? Let's put your litterbox expertise to the test with this quiz -

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