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The Bonster A.K.A. Bonnie Wonnie Doo Da

Mar 24, 2017 · Updated Mar 24, 2017 · ·
  1. fantisticat
    Bonnie was described at the Boulder Humane Society as a cat who loved living with other four-legged creatures. Uh. Not so much!

    My neighbor took over care of a cat I was watching for a year, while his family was away.   Why? Because Bonnie earned her nickname THE BONSTER when trying to (no way to sugar coat this,) mame and destroy poor Bilbo!

    Ah, well. Some of us vant to be alone, yes? I'll only enjoy my lady's company a few more months.   Her dad & I are amicably separating and he gets the Bonster since he "chose her."

    But. I'm being philosophical. I will visit my gal, and I will bring more pals into my new home.  And at least two at once so I know they get along. I'm accustomed to a kitty-full home!

    Meanwhile, enjoy photos of the beautiful round one, who came to us as a chubby girl.  She's a bit slimmer, but not much I'm afraid. You'll see she has X-ray vision which is a plus for her. ;-)


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  1. fantisticat
    Ah, thanks for peeking at Bonnie's story.  It's my (almost ex-) husband whose always loved those black and whites.  But I definitely see the appeal.  (Of course, they've all got their own personalities...don't we all?)  I'll click on your name to see if you've got a page...if that's how it works.  Still learning the ropes.  Um, kitty string.
  2. maureen brad
    I love the Bonster! Great story, not all cats want to live with other cats. Bonnie is so cute. I have a thing for black and tuxedo cats. Glad you two are separating on friendly terms so you will be able to visit Bonnie.
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