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Take Special Care Of Your Cat On Halloween

Nov 4, 2011 · Updated Oct 16, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    It's almost time for Halloween; do you know where your cat is? Mischief is afoot on All Hallows Eve, and sometimes, innocently caught up in this mischief are cats, especially black cats.

    Black cats are looked on by some people as a witches “familiar” It was believed long-ago that the black cat was actually a demon in disguise and if you destroyed the life of a familiar, you were granted peace within the rest of your life.

    As the centuries passed, this notion was replaced with the one that a “familiar” was a psychic companion to the witch and provided a definite link to her. Upon destroying this link, you thus robbed the witch of her power. There are still some misguided people in the world today that believe this way.

    There are other problems associated with this holiday that pose a danger to your cat. The unexpected loud noises of children banging on your door at night and showing up in costume is liable to send the most relaxed cat into a near panic attack. It is best to isolate the cat(s) into a room far from the front door, and leave a radio playing softly or a television on to distract her from the festivities.

    Plastic bags that candy comes in are especially alluring to young kittens, and if a bag lands on the floor, a kitty could pounce on it get trapped inside and suffocate if you don’t happen to notice her in time.

    The candy itself poses another danger, especially chocolate- as it is very toxic to cats and should be kept out of reach at all times.

    If you do not contain your pet, you face the following threats to her safety: She could run out the front door and into the street. She could get so scared that she injures herself in her haste to escape the scary costumed children. If you are having a party of your own, a well-intentioned guest could accidentally let her outside where she will be confronted with all these costumed and noisy children and then she could bolt. If you are having a Halloween party, make sure the room she is in is strictly off limits to all the guests. Provide her with food, water and a litter box until the party is over.

    It is important to keep your children safe during this holiday, but equally important is the safety of your cat. Please heed these warnings and have a safe and happy Halloween.

    Written by Mary Anne Miller

    Mary Anne Miller is a freelance writer, and member of the Cat Writers' Association. She is a web copy writer, and passionate about feral cats/kittens and bottle babies. You can read more by Mary Anne at her Feral Cat Behavior Blog.

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  1. catsknowme
    Great article! I know that there are still atrocious people out there who are harming cats during this Halloween season. One of our most veteran members was looking for connections in southwest Texas to help a person who is dealing with "satanists" who have killed a community cat. Unfortunately, I have had no luck with finding anyone who might help; for the safety of the person trying to help the cats (and the cats that she is keeping inside until the prime danger is past), we are being very "undercover" so I have to be extra careful about posting on Facebook. If anyone knows of a reliable person who might be able to help, please PM me!
  2. terestrife
    @LunarIris your story brought tears to my eyes. =(
  3. lydia warren
    thats sad i had a pure black cat with the most beautiful green eyes my grandma gave me near christmas and i let my brother name it..he named it humbugs not a year later near holloween he dissapeared now we lived in the mountins and both my cats humbugs a male and a female calico named holly that sleeped with me at night were mostly outdoor cats and rarly ever ate the cat food they were born wild and adored me and my dad but they stay away from other humans that includes my brother and lindsey (my abusive mom) well anyway they also would stay away from the bigger wild animals and that includes rabbits and well we always thought humbags ran away as he was male and born wild for the first 9 months of his life. but i also knew he would refuse to leave holly his sister and they would always be seen together except when holly was with me and humbugs was hunting outside. they both even slept with me.....on my face T_T and so when he disappeared i was suspicious but i never knew this stuff till now.
  4. kntrygrl256
    That's true @LoveMyZeus. A lot of places are opting for community centers & churches that set up festivals and trunk of treats because it's safer. When I had my black cats they never went outside during the week of Halloween because I lived in a bad area. I have several friends that are Wiccan and they do not approve of animal sacrifices of any kind.
  5. lovemyzeus
    Great article, thankfully there is no trick or treating in my development. The residents with young kids all meet at the "town center" near the main gate on Halloween and residents (that choose to participate) bring their candy their to distribute to them. It is safer for everyone especially the kids.
  6. lunariris
    Hannah1369 I'm so sorry for your losses. I truly feel for you and wish you nothing but the best. Hopefully one day we will get to be reunited with our loved ones again somehow. **hugs** 
  7. hannah1369
    LunarIris  this is for you. I do know how it feels I not only lost Simba my 15 yr old kitty by a hit and run on HallowsEve but my human child. Believe it or not it hurts the same especially when there is nothing to do about it but scream at God. Simba was a wonderful Maine Coon and this happened 10 years old. My daughter Rose happened 38 years ago and they are both burned inmy mind forever.Hannah1369
  8. karkel59
    Just readh ere in the paper that someone got into a shelter and be headed several kittens....who does that ? How could you live with yourself if you did something so nasty ?
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  9. gravekandi
    When I volunteered at a local pet shelter we were told to be weary and thoroughly interview people who wanted a black cat, especially during Halloween.
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  10. lunariris
    Please keep your pets in on Halloween. We had a sweet and lovable black male cat, Neptune, born and raised by my family and followed me everywhere like a shadow. Although I always felt indoor cats were safer and I worried for him every day when I'd go to school, my parents insisted he be both indoor-outdoor. Halloween 2005, I went with friends trick-or-treating and didn't realize that he was out (he was supposed to be in that night). When we were a few yards from home and went to cross the street to go down town I turned to see him following me, so I told my friends I'd be right back and I had to run him inside. They said we'd only be gone 15 minutes tops and that he'd be fine. I was really worried, but told him "stay" (he used to listen and wait at the house, or else he would follow me the whole walk)....I have that image of him sitting on a hill near our yard burned into my mind because that was the last time I saw him. </3
    He had 2 collars, a red collar and a pink-purple flea collar, the softest and silkiest black fur, super friendly, obviously a loved and well cared for pet. I knew something was wrong the second we got back and I didn't see him come running. ...There was no response when I called him and a chill went up my spine.
    It'll be 8 years since he was stolen from our yard this Halloween. Every year it makes me sad and worry for other people's pets. It's both frustrating and infuriating, how someone could just take a pet, no matter what the circumstances, and feel justified. He was so friendly I know someone either stole and kept him, or did something horrible to him. We posted lost flyers everywhere for months, went door-to-door a mile in either direction, searched the woods and streets calling for him every day after school, and found no trace of him. My mom and I went to the local shelter to report him missing, put flyers up at stores, phone poles, even at school in the hall. I still have ads online for him just on the extreme off-chance someone who knows where he is, and decides to let him come home. He always came home, every day, and always came when called. He liked playing with his brother in the yard during the day, and sitting on our porch to greet me when I got off the bus, but didn't like to be out alone at night and would meow at the door each evening until we let him in so he could climb on the couch with me. I'll never give up on him because he's family. He'll always be loved and will always hold a place in our hearts and our home.
    You can't imagine the pain of losing a kid, (yes I called him my kid because that's exactly what he is) not knowing if he's dead or alive, if he will ever come home. There are twisted people who will harm people's pets, and there are people who will steal pets and say they "rescued" them so they feel justified for taking a much-loved and missed family pet.
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  11. jlc20m
    My advice is to keep all kitties indoors on the day (and evening/night) of Halloween and several days leading up to Halloween. There are a lot of weird people out there that will use any excuse to torture -or worse- an innocent animal.
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