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Some Things Happen For A Reason - Inspurrational Quote

Jul 27, 2016 · Updated Jul 27, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Doors are always fascinating for cats. The sight of a curious kitty sitting by a closed door and waiting for it to open is one familiar to every cat owner. Knowing how to accept a closed door is definitely something we can learn from our cats.

    Some doors just won't open. That's something our cats need to learn to accept, and in some cases, so do we.

    Does this message resonate with you?

    Leave a comment to share your own experiences with a closed door that turned out not to be your door. Or the experiences of your cat - we like hearing both kinds! And if you know anyone who's currently struggling with a closed door, why not share this image with them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or just in an email? There are social media icons on this page which you could use for that.

    May all the doors that are meant for you always be open!

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  1. Kat0121
    HAHA. Someone needs to tell Sophie this. She is still trying to con her way into DD's room by crying pitifully and then hoping DD will come running to see what is wrong and, of course, leave the door open so she can sneak in there. In her mind, all doors are her doors
  2. therese
    This is a hard lesson, indeed, for me to learn.  I tend to bang my head against said door many times before I give up.  I must remember this phrase and save myself a lot of wear and tear in the future !
  3. bootse
    Yes I have a closed door from day one on TCS because I keep trying to put a video of my cat getting in and out of her first bag narrorated by me ,so natural and so cute but it's not meant to be because I keep a knocking but the DOOR just won't open so I guess it wasn't meant for me and BOOTSE video to be seen. The DOOR is just not OURS to open
  4. camillel
    In my house there is no such thing as a closed door. My three stooges have the run of the house. Open any closet door and they will run in to investigate. The only closed doors are the ones to go outside. They can sit by the screen door but cannot go out. Sam is the only one who wants to go outside and that doesn't happen unless I go out with him
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