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Socks the Sausage Cat

Nov 18, 2016 ·
  1. banana queen


    Socks is a female grey/blue tuxedo domestic short haired cat.

    She was born in December 2012, and came to us as a stray at 7 months old.

    She was originally shared between me and my friend/next door neighbour Amanda, but when I moved I took Socks with me, as I didn't have a cat that was only mine, but Amanda had four.

    Socks was going to be called Sweets, which is the name my kid used when she was a stray, but we decided to name her Socks because of her white paws. Socks has many nicknames-Sausage Roll, Sausage Cat, Socksy, Socks-Baby, Squash-Cat, Sockies, Sock Face, Socksage Roll.

    Socks likes catching mice, bossing around her sisters, and sleeping.

    Her favourite spots to sleep are on the back of the sofa, on my bed, on my legs, and on top of Noodles the Python's tank.

    Socks is good at opening doors, I had to fit a lock to the cupboard that I keep wand type toys in.

    She is very demanding, making it quite clear when she wants something, meowing endlessly until she gets her way. She is my alarm clock every morning.

    Socks does not like having her paws touched, closed doors when there could be something interesting happening inside, going in the cat carrier or having a bath.

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