Name: Simon

Sex: Male

Year of Birth: 2011

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Fur Color: Red Tabby

Eye Color: Gold

Simon is sticky, sugary sweet, and a little bit shy. He doesn't always want to be held, but when he does it is like kitten heaven. He loves kisses and will lick my nose and mouth if I lean down to kiss him. He's the better sleeper of my two, and will cuddle with me or his brother all day long.

Arrival Story:

He arrived on his 6-week birthday with his brother, Garfunkel. These brave boys came straight out and started playing and crawling all over me.

Favorite Food & Treats:

Simon is an eater! He loves his wet food and will finish off what Garfunkel doesn't eat. He also loves Greenies and is done eating his own when his brother is still playing with his treats - and I have to stop Simon from eating them!
Favorite Toys:
Simon loves interactive wand games more than his brother. He has a particularly favorite "bird" which has a jingle bell and lots of feathers. He leaps high into the air, catches it, and begins to walk proudly away with his kill.