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Russian Blue Cats

Nov 1, 2011 · Updated Jan 19, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    An affectionate cat, gentle in nature, the Russian Blue is popular as a companion as well as a show cat. Blues are self-sufficient if left alone during the day, suited to today’s busy lifestyle. Devoted to their people, they’ll be glad to see you home again.

    Feeling blue yourself? Your Russian Blue may sit quietly beside you or pat a cheek to cheer you up. They’ve also been known to calm crying children—both a morale booster and peacekeeper in blue-gray fur. Intelligent and creative, Blues can teach themselves to open doors or drawers or teach their people to play games like fetch.

    Russian Blue Breed History

    Legends of this breed’s history include tales of being a Russian Czar’s favored cat to sailors transporting them to England in the 1860s. Also known as the Archangel Cat (the Archangel Isles in northern Russia), the breed was first shown in England with other blue cats in 1875. By 1912, they were a class of their own.

    After World War II, American breeders combined the English bloodline’s silvery coat with the Scandinavian line’s green eyes and profile to achieve the look we see today. The fur is dense, bright blue rather than gray and dipped in silver to give the cat an overall sheen noticed best in natural light.

    Breed Description

    Although other breeds have acceptable variations in color or coat, for this breed, the only accepted color is blue and the coat is short. Large, pointed ears are wide at the base, the head wedge shaped. In contrast to the silvery blue coat, eyes are bright green. Blues are graceful and well muscled, an elegant cat.

    Caring for a Russian Blue Cat

    Nail trimming and petting keep this breed looking good although your Blue may tell you brushing and combing are required. They like the extra attention. Still a minority breed, Blues may be hard to find but this beautifully colored, intelligent companion is worth the wait.

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  1. minxcy
    [​IMG] I'm not sure if my cat is a Russian blue or a korat She looks fat too chunky to be a RB, but i don't know about the korat. any help?
    1. Furballsmom
  2. mservant
    Everything said above and more in my experience. But don't be fooled, they can also be very playful and very cheeky.
  3. 9mhtrew
    I one a russian blue myself and she is such a sweetheart
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