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Quiz: Would You Make A Good Veterinarian?

Feb 25, 2016 · Updated Feb 25, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Ever wondered if you could be the one on the other side of that stainless steel table? Can you be the one caring for sick cats, administering medication and communicating with owners? Here's a short fun quiz that will help you find out if you could be cut out for the job! Don't forget to share the results here and with your friends.

    Let us know how you did by posting a comment and don't forget to share the results with your friends so they can see if they can do any better!

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  1. Silver Crazy
    Interesting..already have 2 vets in the family..maybe its hereditary,
    Dr. Doolittle and yes I do talk to the animals not always but certain ones I will not just pets wildlife
  3. daisygirl
    Dr. Doolittle. Almost, but almost didn't make it. I guess that is why I'm not a vet. I'd be afraid I would give an inicent animal the wrong diagnosis.
  4. indie-n-button
    Dr Doolittle!
  5. tarasgirl06
    Dr. Doolittle!  ;)
  6. Kat0121
    10/12- Dr Doolittle.
  7. ginny
    I KNOW I'd make a terrible vet!  Not even going to take the quiz because I already know the answer.  I'd get way too emotionally attached to all the little animals.  And I wouldn't handle the losses well at all.  I'd be a basket case.  
  8. nansiludie
    Tech here as well.  
  9. kntrygrl256
    I would rather be a vet tech anyway :)
    It's all good.
  10. SeventhHeaven
    Tech here, where are the Vets incase we need one...
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