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Quiz: What's Your Cat's Song?

May 16, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Which famous song best represents your cat's character? If your cat has a theme song, what would it be? Let us try and answer that question after you take this quick and fun quiz! Tell us a little bit about your precious Kitty and we'll tell you what's his or her song!

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  1. vince
    Of course it's "Kitten on the Keys," by Zez Confrey, which they play at night downstairs. I really should remember to close the fallboard on that piano...
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  2. Kat0121
    Lilith's is I will always love you by Whitney Houston
    Sophie's is Happy by Pharrell Williams
  3. Merlin77
    Thor- Happy by Pharrel Williams
  4. Boris Diamond
    Leonid is Michael Jackson's Thriller. Yep.
    Diamond is The Police's Every Breath You Take. That's about right!
    Seal is Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. That is my little sugar angel in a nutshell.
  5. British Girls
    Happy - Pharrell Williams
  6. Punkin Pistolero
    Love is all you need....And a catnip treat with ChitChit!
  7. Punkin Pistolero
    Pretty close to the Main Meow Punkin!
    Happy - Pharell Williams
  8. DrizzleOfSalt
    Leo: All You Need Is Love- John Lennon
    Simba: Thriller- Michael Jackson
  9. sane_cat_lady
    I don't know the song.
  10. Mamanyt1953
    LOL...(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones! Those of you familiar with Hekitty (or H. Renee as she prefers for career purposes, what career? you ask? I dunno and she isn't telling) know that this is PERFECT!
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  11. Marasoul
    Im 'marasoul, new on this site. The quiz seems right on to me. I joined because suddenly my boy eli is jumpy, scardy cat. Some of the answers said he needs more attention. So the quiz result was song, All you need is love. That may be right. I love him so much but i've been busy lately. Thanks , Marasoul
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    1. Gaven Kent
      Welcome from myself, Carter (17) and Hugo (3) in a sunny Barnet in NW London UK
  12. Gaven Kent
    Listen to Cher singing Believe with particular attention to the vocoder type effects whenever she says 'believe'. Hugo and Carter hate it! Their ears go down, they go all low and suspicious as if trouble is coming. I found another YouTube video of two cats howling at each other in more and more throaty tones. The song and the cats sound the same and provoke the same reaction in my cats. I've tried to mimic Chers voice in this song and got the same reaction from the cats. I got my partner to try too just in case it was my awful voice that caused their unhappiness. Also I didn't want to be the only one doing Chee impressions. Clearly a day with too much time on our hands but I proved my theory! No cats were harmed in my experiments but I may have damaged their musical tastes and embarrassed them hugely. It was probably like seeing your parents sing or dance when you are a child. Mortifying!
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  13. SeventhHeaven
    I knew it Happy by Ph. Williams played this all last summer :tongue:
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  14. Gaven Kent
    To the tune of The Clash song 'Rock The Kasbah' we change the lyrics and replace them with 'Carter doesn't like it, Eat your crunchies, eat your crunchies!'
    Hugo gets his name inserted in there too! It's ridiculous but the sight of two adults singing to the cats warms my heart. When I give them their Licky Licks treat I sing a variation of Nick Drakes Pink Moon. The salmon variety of Licky Licks is bright pink so instead of the words 'Pink Moon' I sing 'Pink Food'.
    The Beat did a song called Mirror In The Bathroom and that gets sung at the cats when they are in the bathroom. Carter and Hugo is substituted for the word mirror! I hope I'm not mad! They do respond to singing and know that they are the subject of the nonsensical words! Carters wariness and distrust of anything outside our family makes Stevie Wonders Superstition come to mind
  15. catsins
    Sirius: Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Remus: All You Need is Love by John Lennon

    Both are super fitting. :D
  16. leen and alice
    Result: Happy - Pharrell Williams:biggrin:
  17. lavishsqualor
    Atticus is Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," which I think is awesome! Even better, my female Tuxedo cat Thirteen is Madonna's "Vogue," which thrills me totally beyond measure!
  18. abyeb
    Charlie's song is Happy by Pharrell Williams! That's so like him!
  19. cassiopea
    Morgana: Every Breath You Take - The Police. Not sure how she would feel being associate with a stalker song, but alright :lol:

    Liffey: Happy - Pharrell Williams. More fitting!

    Tippy Toes: Eye of the Tiger - Survivor. Kind of works!

    Camelot: All You Need is Love - John Lennon. Also fitting :)

  20. doomsdave
    Big Boy's song is: "Who can it be now?" by Men At Work.

    He's so paranoid. Come on, ole' buddy, you're safe with me! Being mental's such hard work, take a day off now and then.

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  21. doomsdave
    Tar Baby's song: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!" and she does.

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  22. gitabooks
    I named my cat after a song, "Nocturne", so I sing it too her all the time. I have to say it may not fit her personality, but she LOVES it and comes running when she hears it. : )
  23. cat nap
    Archer and Tripp, the boys, seem to be "All you need is love" - John Lennon.
    Tepaul, the female, is "Every Breath You Take"- the Police. (she does tend to "watch...every step I take, every move I make"... o_O :blush: )
  24. donutte
    Oscar - "Happy", Pharrel Williams
    Oliver - "Every Breath You Take", The Police
    Pea-Pea - "Eye of the Tiger", Survivor
    Maple - "The Twist", Chubby Checker
  25. kittens mom
    No one in my house would ever listen to Whitney Houston.
    1. lavishsqualor
      Well, that's sad! As Time Magazine said, Whitney's voice was a national treasure. No one has ever sung the national anthem like Whitney . . . and I doubt anyone ever will.
      Kat0121 purraised this.
    2. kittens mom
      It's not personal the music she sang was never my cup of tea. I don't like Elvis or the Beatles. But this is simply a cute quiz with pop culture answers.
  26. kashmir64
    Samai is 'Eye of the Tiger' - Survivor
    Onsa is 'Happy' - Pharrell Williams
    Sable is 'Devil in Disguise' - Elvis. Although I think 'Trouble' by Elvis would have suited her better.
  27. orange&white
    My laid-back senior cat is "Happy", Pharrell Williams, and my feral kitten is "Devil in Disguise", Elvis Presley. :crackup:
  28. betsygee
    Hannah--Happy by Pharrell Williams. Hmmm, I'm not sure about that. This is a cat full of tortitude! :lol:
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