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Quiz: What Should Be Your Cat's Title?

Sep 13, 2017 · Updated Oct 7, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Ever wondered if your cat is royalty or a high-ranking officer? Take this quick fun quiz to find out what your cat's real formal title should be. Don't forget to share the results with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and to leave us a comment letting us know what your cat's title and name are!

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  1. Brian007
    King Parker/Dudley (I did it with both in mind) - maybe I joined a Prince and a Duke and produced a King?

    They suit it though, especially Dudley with his fluffy ruff. Not quite so sure about Parker mind you but Kings are well-known eccentrics, right?

  2. Margret
    Jasmine is a Queen (or thinks she is - I'm quite certain that she doesn't know the technical meaning of the word when applied to cats ;)). Certainly she believes she should be treated as royalty. It's fortunate that the quiz agrees with her own appraisal.

  3. nekomaui
    Well, my only girl Shiromi is a lady, oldest boy Ponta is Major General, and Daizu, the one in the middle is Admiral. I would be appropriately the slave.:insertevillaugh:
  4. kluchetta
    My cat, Gretel, should be entitled Lady! I can see that! hahah. Lady Squirrel Hunter.
  5. ileen
    Luciano is a judge; that seems about right.
  6. debbila
    My Chicquitita is a Queen! She does want things her way but adapts when she doesn't always get it.
  7. ashade1
    My former feral Willow is the governor!
  8. DrizzleOfSalt
    Leo is a judge and Simba is a major general.
  9. Kat0121
    No surprise here. Lilith is a queen. She knows this and does not let anyone in the house forget it.
  10. Furballsmom
    My Big Guy is a King - totally accurate LOL
  11. surya
    Chuchi is Major General

  12. abyeb
    Governor Charlie! Last time Charlie took the quiz it was Chief Charlie. I guess it varies depending on his mood. ;)

    I’ll just call him Governor Chief Charlie. :thumbsup:
  13. verna davies
    Pickle would be Judge
    Kiwi. Lady
    Buzz. Professor.

    Got it wrong with Kiwi. She is no lady.
  14. orange&white
    My senior cat Tangent is a Judge. That sounds about right. Haha!
  15. mani
    Nilah, whom I always call 'the princess', came up as Queen, so that seems very appropriate. Nilah thinks it's blatantly obvious.
  16. tabbytom
    My boy is The Chief!
  17. amethyst
    Princess Rascal
  18. EmmiTemmi
    Colby should be a professor? Dr. Colby Jack? Hmm, I like the sound of that. :thumbsup:
  19. Wenda
    I took it twice. Once for my Ares and once for my dad's cat Twishy (my other favorite boy).

    Result: Chief Ares

    Result: King Twishus

    Sir Twishus, as we call him, would very much approve of his title. He's been upgraded from knighthood to King!
  20. Boris Diamond
    I must have taken it wrong! Seal is a Major General. He is too sweet and shy to command much of anything! :purr:
  21. mservant
    Wow, I am amazed! I live under the command of Governor Mouse. :lol: There was me thinking he would be King at the very least, more likely Emperor. Not that I'm at his beck and call or anything. :worship: :tabbycat:
  22. NewYork1303
    Angua is a Queen. No surprise there.
  23. Benjamin Franklin (Benji)
    Benji is a major general!
  24. foxden
    Interesting because the 2 cats I have now fit different profiles
  25. rubysmama
    Surprise, surprise... Ruby's a Queen. :lovecat2:
  26. Lari
    Lady Lelia!
  27. Willowy
    Hazel is a Governor!
  28. GemsGem
    Cairo is a Mayor ! Yeah, I think he will accept that :lol:
  29. PushPurrCatPaws

    Milly is a "Queen". Who knew. :rolleyes3:
      betsygee purraised this.
  30. Columbine
    Shenka is a Professor :lol: Half cat, half monkey is more like it :disturbed:
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