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Quiz: Let's Play Cat Trivia!

May 22, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Think you know all there is to know about cats? Put yourself to the test with this fun quick trivia game! What's your score going to be? Let us know in the comments section and don't forget to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Punkin Pistolero
    93% Ive had cats my whole life and never had a female that sprayed. A mature male, yes when another younger male was introduced with two established females. I always fixed my kitties as soon as possible and only had one female to go into heat early. Interesting quiz.
  2. Cupcake_Luv
    93% You rock! With your level of expertise we hope you'll join us at the cat forums to talk about cats and help others!

    I'm a new cat owner myself, but had cats growing up I would help care for. I say I did pretty good just missing one question! I love cats, always have. :lovecat3::purr:
  3. FlufficaMagnyffica
    Really good quiz and will help people learn some important stuff.
    But one question was not quite right. - Cat goes 10 days not eating - well I had a cat became trapped in a dustbin shed for 12 days. She eventually managed to get home to me. It wasn't the ;ack of food that made her very sick though she was very thin. It was lack of water.
    After a few hours of spacing her drinking to make sure she didn't overdo it and bloat up, I put bowls of water every few feet everywhere in my flat so she only had to move a little bit to drink. After a week's convalescence she was fine. Never even got kidney trouble at the end of her life.
    I will NEVER forget the moment my young son called out Look! Look! and there she was on the windowsill after 12 agonising days missing. I still use her name in all my passowrds as a memorial because I adored her. She was an elegant dark brown plush fur so I think a Burmese mix.
  4. heatherandmoon
    100%, so I guess following all those cat-related Pinterest boards really gave me a good foundation of cat knowledge. :coolcat:
  5. tarasgirl06
    Very embarrassed to say I got the first one wrong. Inexcusable. 
  6. shadowkitty10
    80-89% Sweet
  7. lifeofreilly
    Yeah! I'm a wiz at cats!
  8. poppys mum
    93% I missed the second question.  I then figured out I needed to use both scroll bars, the one on the quiz and the one on the right of my laptop to move up and down to see the questions.  This was fun. 
  9. lauriec515
    Got them all correct.  I have been owned by cats all my 58 years.  Learned a lot from reading Cat Fancy magazine.
  10. mrsgreenjeens
    Darn!  Missed the first question, then aced the rest.  I guess 14 out of 15 isn't too bad though. 
  11. Graceful-Lily
    90% - 100% Yikes! Wasn't expecting that!
  12. Anne
    I'm glad you found a solution! 
  13. red top rescue
    Better yet, Firefox has Just created a NoSquintPlus add on to replace the old NoSquint add on that had been discontinued with their last update and which I had formerly used to size my pages.  NOW I can resize this and will not be forced to scroll up and down to see the whole screen!
  14. red top rescue
    OH, now I have it.  evidently this quiz is too tall for my screen so the place where it says "next question" was totally above what was showing on my screen.  I would have to scroll UP to see it.
  15. red top rescue
    OK, trying again.  I got a green square around the photo for answering the question correctly.  However, nothing as obvious as a big NEXT Question button has appeared.  Maybe it is a "pop-up" and I think I have a pop-up blocker in place unless I manually make an exception for a site.  I did that once a long time ago, to allow labels to pop up in eBay so I could get a shipping label, but that's it.  I dont remember how to do it or even how to find my pop up blockers settings, assuming I have one.
    However, by just clicking anywhere on the page, as you suggested, I DID go to the next question.  That may be something millenials might do automatically but for me it was not at all self-evident.  so thanks for telling me that.
  16. tarasgirl06
    Thank you, @anne!  That wasn't showing up when I took the quiz, but it is now.
  17. Anne
    Once you select an answer, a rectangle shows up at the top. It's green if you answered the correct answer and red if you had the wrong one. It also has a big "Next Question" button. 
    To make life easier for everyone, it's also set up so that you can basically click anywhere on the page and it'll take you to the next question.
  18. tarasgirl06
    @Red Top Rescue , what worked for me was just clicking on the right side of the photo.  For some reason, the arrow doesn't show, but it must be there.  Good luck.
  19. red top rescue
    can't figure out how to move beyond the first question!
  20. tarasgirl06
    100%er here, too! ;)
  21. segelkatt
    80-89, guessed at the  chromosomes, thought that kittens were blind but not deaf but it has been 40 years or more since I have been around kittens, I thought they would hear their fur mom, oh well, can't  be an expert on everything
  22. sivyaleah
    100%. Weeee!
  23. jennyr
    100%. At least my 60 years of cat ownership have not been wasted!
  24. 2Cats4everLoved
    93% - I missed the first question.  Did better than I thought I would.
  25. mackiemac
    First question needs clarification. Is this with or without (counting or not counting) the sex chromosomes XY? In other words, are you just speaking of the autosomes?
    15/15 · Scored 100%Result: A cat trivia mastermind!You rock! With your level of expertise we hope you'll join us at the cat forums to talk about cats and help others! 
  26. Anne
    @Davey Thank you for your comment! I've changed the wording and took out the word "suffering". I have deaf friends, and you're right, there is no suffering associated with being deaf!
  27. gitabooks
    %100. However, I have to admit, I was guessing some of the time.  : )
    Deafness isn't painful, that's true, but it doesn't let an animal experience all the natural ranges of behavior. We have a deaf dog at our local shelter and he never notices you when he is asleep. He looks like he's in a coma when you call him over and over and he doesn't respond. He is a very good boy though, but I have to admit I wish he could live a normal life and know what the sound of a human voice calling him and speaking softly to him was like.
  28. davey
    missed the first and last one.
    guessed on chromosomes. 
    disagree about the question on carrying a cat to vet, as some do well that way. 

    I am hard of hearing, and proud Deaf, so I do not like the Audism that was in a couple of the posted answers. You all likely did not notice, but Deaf do. One said "Only some white cats SUFFER from congenital deafness, caused by degeneration of the inner ear." I took Audiology 101, and attend a Deaf school. Any baby born deaf does not NOT have a hearing loss. That is a Eugenics standpoint we are trying to eradicate. It is difficult due to hearing people being a majority and feeling superior. However, a new born who never had any hearing cannot have lost hearing, any more than I have never owned a million dollars and cannot claim I lost a million. It is illogical, but it is a medicalized view saying deafness is a bad thing, inferior, and disease that we "suffer from." Deaf do not suffer. It is not painful. That wording is really a put down.

    Deaf can thrive. And Deaf cats and dogs are the best!! If you would like to know more there are places who let people adopt Deaf dogs in Oregon and I bet Deaf cats may have an organization too somewhere. If not, we need one. 

    If you get blessed with a bunch of kittens in a litter and one turns out to be fully deaf, feel super lucky. They will be extra sensitive to sight, and touch, and smell. They need to be respected for the diversity they bring to cats, and earth, not seen as a pity who suffers. Please do not put them "to sleep".
  29. raysmyheart
    80-89%  I took a guess on the chromosomes and scored wrong, and also I thought the eye question was about the third eye, I learned something new!  All in all, cats are some fascinating creatures!  I love them all!
  30. kntrygrl256
    80 - 89%
    I would have had more but I second guessed myself on one of the questions.
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