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Quiz: Let Us Guess Your Favorite Cat Coat Color

Dec 3, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Tuxedo or Orange? Tabby or pure white? Take this quick super fun quiz and let's see if we can guess what's YOUR favorite cat color!

    According to our survey, most cat lovers have a favorite cat coat color or pattern. Sure, you love ALL cats and will go out of your way to help a cat, no matter what his or her coat color is. But when it comes to enjoying the sheer beauty of our feline friends why not have a preference?

    So, let's see if we can guess what your favorite cat color is. Are you a fan of white cats? A tabby addict? A black cat aficionado? Or maybe blue-eyed colorpoints are your idols? Answer this fun quick quiz and let's see if we can guess it right! Don't forget to share the results in the comments section and let us know if we got it right!

    (And if we did, share with your friends so they can take the quiz too!)

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  1. Katie M
    Result: Simply cannot decide on one!

    I've had eight cats throughout my life. Of the eight-

    Pepper: solid grey
    Sophie: calico
    Lucky: grey tabby
    Peanut: orange tabby
    Belle and Beau: grey tabby and white
    Charlie: solid black
    Selene: grey tabby

    You might think I lean toward grey kitties, but the cats entered my life in various ways, so it's pure chance. I love cats of all colors :catlove:
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  2. lavishsqualor
    I came back undecided. That last question, the one about which kitten is cutest, had me stumped for ten minutes! I was torn between the tuxedo stretching out his little legs and the snuggle kittens. In the end though the snuggle kittens won.
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    1. 1 bruce 1
      There should have been an "all of the above" choice, I mean, how can you pick?
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  3. Crazycatlady1129
    I got orange... but I think I'm more undecided. Lol
    I mean, my first thought is calico. I had a set of calico's when I was a kid- Tiger and Lily- who had the calico markings on just half their bodies. The other half was pure white. And it was opposite sides- Tiger was a callie on the left and Lily on the right! And they both had one blue eye (white side) and one green eye (calico side). I used to joke that they were two cats cut in half and sewed together to make two different cats. Lol
    And let's not forget Muffy and Cali!

    But then I can't help but think of my torties. Sheridan (current), Shada, and Arabella (previously) are just so beautiful and unique!

    And then I think of all my tabbys. Booboo, Baby, Angel, Miss Priss, Doodles, Serenity, Nala, Sir Talison, Tonks... the list goes on and on! People have told me that all tabbys "look alike" but that's just not true! They are all so beautiful and unique!

    But, oh! Tuxedo cats! Whiskies was absolutely gorgeous! They are so regal and sophisticated!

    And black and brown combos! I had one named Reeses, and she was just precious!

    And black cats are so sleek and gorgeous! Sabrina and Obnoxious are two of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen!

    And let's not forget pure grey cats. Monster, Dusty, and Ol' Smoke hold places in my heart forever!

    And white cats! Snowball, Snowbelle, Snow White, and Snowflake (yes, we had a theme lol) where so gorgeous it hurt to look at them!

    And finally there are orange cats. Who doesn't love a Garfield? Lol Sunshine was the most beautiful little kitty I ever laid eyes on! (Of course, I say that about every cat I see ;) )

    The point here being that whatever cat I currently see is my fave cat coat color. Lol
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  4. dustydiamond1
    Gray/Brown Tabby- Got me spot on.:catrub:
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  5. katocats
    I got black and I like silver and black tabbies or tuxedo cats so it was half right :lol:
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  6. ZaMM
    Can't decide,haha good because I have had almost every color, but as of right now my black baby has me won over![​IMG]
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      Excellent choice, @ZaMM -- black is the most elegant, stylish, lustrous and beautiful of all, though every cat is wonderful and loved!
      ZaMM purraised this.
    2. ZaMM
      @tarasgirl06 couldn't agree more, all kitties are amazing in there own right!! Luna just pulls on my heart strings!!!!
  7. stormyandklaus
    I got blue which is exactly right, im a sucker for grey cats. I have 2 nebelungs (not true breed nebs, but rescue look a likes :p)
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  8. 1 bruce 1
    "Your results...
    You're hopeless. Completely hopeless.
    Go out an adopt 10 kittens right now. It's the only way you'll ever maybe get better."
    Just kidding, I got Blue, which isn't my absolute favorite but I do dig that steely grayish color.
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  9. Etarre
    I got tuxedo...but I've always been partial to gray tabbies.
      mazie purraised this.
  10. ThatcherCats
    Can't decide?
    ExCUSE me, my favorite color is gray...
      Warriorcat Kitty purraised this.
  11. heatherandmoon
    Yep! I definitely can't decide... They're all so pretty! :angelcat:
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  12. mamacat1956
    Mine is Calico or Tortoiseshell, I had many tortoiseshell, Sadly they passed. I love all cat colors, I have a orange, and 2 gray and white cats now, I love all cats.
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  13. cassiopea
    Calico or tortoiseshell.

    Cool! Was not expecting that! I do like them, and I remember my old Tortie incredibly fondly (Loved her attitude) Although I do consider myself loving all cat colours :lol: It's way too hard to choose just one. If I absolutely must choose via ear pulling I do have a soft spot for full white cats.
      Alejandra Rico purraised this.
  14. Humankittylover
    I got, “simply cannot decide on one”.... this isn’t sooo true! I love all cats.
      dustydiamond1 purraised this.
    1. Humankittylover
      That IS soooo true**
      Alejandra Rico purraised this.
  15. Alejandra Rico
    I got gray Brown tabby, which has surprised me quite a bit :D I would have said that I prefer silvers and blues!
      katocats purraised this.
  16. kittychick
    I'm a "No Preference" too! Although I have to admit - - I'm a solid blue or LH brown tabby lover. But I've learned my "preference" generally is because I've had an especially special cat of that color. For example - I never particularly preferred all grey/blue cat before -- and then we brought in our little grey TNR'd "Flick." We had something like 8 blue/greys in that summer's TNR session, and I actually thought she was about as unattractive a kitty as I'd know (yes - I'll be hones - I actually originally said to my husband "Honey -she's kind of homely -if we're going to bring in a feral kitty, how about we bring Crosby, the black one with little white individual toes and white 'armpit hair.'" But he'd fallen for Flick. And now I know he was right - she's the most beautiful cat in the world (besides all of yours of course!).
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  17. mazie
    OMG, a tuxedo, that's my Katy!! How about that, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I scored a Tuxedo.:)
      Anne purraised this.
  18. Merlin77
    I got blue. I guess that's sort of right, blue is like grey and Raini was a blue tortie. I like grey cats best, though, like Snake.
      Anne purraised this.
  19. candie
    I simply cannot decide on one! I am sure i had many cats cept for those pure breeds. But i rather have a cat who is in need then those pure breeds
  20. nurseangel
    I love cats of all colors! I got gray/brown tabby. Red cats are my preference, though my Good Girl Daisy is torti with lots of 'tude. All cats are unique and beautiful, special in their own way.
  21. Darkiplier
    I got blue. Lies! It's actually one of my less favourites. I prefer chocolate Point, calico, and tortoiseshell. After that the others.
  22. sabrinah
    I got black cats, but I really could never decide! I love them all! Well, almost all. The only cat I've ever truly not liked was a black cat with a horrid mean streak.
  23. tarasgirl06
    I don't need to take a quiz to know that although I love ALL cats, of all colors, coat lengths and types, genders, ages, and species, black is my favorite color of cat, aesthetically speaking.
  24. angels mommy
    I don't see a quiz either. :dunno:
  25. mizzely
    I got black but my favorite is actually tortoiseshell or calico :)
  26. Icebreeze
    Its not letting me see the quiz!:angrycat:
  27. nunnc84
    It said, Simply cannot decide.
    Is there a quiz on cat breed?
  28. Warriorcat Kitty
    First it said simply cannot decide, and then it said calico or tortoiseshell. I do like calico and tortoiseshell... I mean, who DOESN'T? But, if I chose one favorite, it would probably be a flame point, or some form of silver. But, I think the first is right... I have a couple diffrent favorites!
  29. Misbelle717
    Wow, they got it right! Orange cats for me, their irresistible!!
  30. Desertmouse
    Wow I’m impressed, they got it! I have always had a soft spot of the grey (blue) kitties
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