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Quiz: Is This Dangerous For My Cat?

Jun 14, 2017 · Updated Jun 15, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    So many things can put our precious cats in danger, it's important to know about them all. Think you know all that you need to about cat safety? Test yourself with this quick 10 question quiz and see how you score. Don't forget to share the results with your friends so that they can take the test too and see how they measure up.

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  1. British Girls
  2. Beth1991
    100% yay!! I don't give my cats tap water though.
    1. British Girls
      Yeah...me neither.
  3. tarasgirl06
    It's very upsetting to see so many posts by people who are either ignorant or careless, or both, of their cats' safety. The risks of letting cats roam outside should be obvious to everyone: cars, larger animals, sociopathic people, poisonous plants/substances being just a few. NEVER let your cats roam outside! Caring, responsible people keep their cats indoors with plenty of enrichments so they will live happy, healthy, SAFE lives. And it IS absolutely our responsibility to keep those in our care safe, just as people should if they have children, elders, or otherwise vulnerable ones in their care.
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  4. SeventhHeaven
    Risky to allow your cats to eat prey, if it eats a mouse or bites into a rat that just ate poison put out by neighbors your cat becomes so ill they may not make it! Indoor cats don't need to be overweight or suffer from inactivity it just requires some time, commitment to leash walk go on little journeys once in awhile.
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  5. sane_cat_lady
    I actually think that killing and eating a pray is what cat do...
    even indoor cats need simulated hunt for mental well being.
    Nature obviously provided cats with the body and mind to be hunters,if it was dangerous how can the success of the specie and number of cats out there would be justified?
    Cats are natural born killers, to want to change their basic nature is not loving them.
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    1. Galixy
      i agree
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    2. bella_melrick_ragdollcats
      I agree, it will also strengthen their immune system.
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  6. Galixy
    Um hunting prey is actually good for cats and you should always let your cat enjoy the hunt because it gives them exercise and they should NOT be coped up in a house all day this could lead to laziness and heart problems my cat i just say eat a whole rabbit yesterday and she is fine and she loves it outside. Tap water is really safe for cats they can really drink anything. My cat would rather drink out of a muddy puddle than have fresh water. Where are you getting your info?
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  7. anankee
    Noticed a lot of people disagree with the statement about tap water being safe, but they did follow it by saying if it's safe for people it is safe for cats. Therefore if your tap water is not safe for you , it is not safe for kitty either
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  8. KittyDolanTREWTH
    Phew! I'm glad u can't spread sickness 2 cats by sneezing or coughing on them, cuz I LUV my kitties:lovecat::kneading:!!
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  9. raysmyheart
    I like this quiz and think it gets you thinking about things around the house and outdoors that could cause harm. The thing about the lilies makes me verify any houseplants I might bring in.
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  10. raysmyheart
    Several years ago, I had the flu and was bedridden for a week. My Speedy slept by my side throughout the whole ordeal. That was the best medicine I could have. I am glad cats can be there when we are ill.

    I can't keep any type of elastic, hair band around because Speedy loves them. I am really careful, I don't want her to get a blockage. I also have a container to dispose of my used dental floss in the medicine cabinet. I think the floss could cause a blockage too. I am just worried that she might pull it from the waste basket otherwise.
  11. tarasgirl06
    I got the one about human sneezes and coughs wrong.
  12. gitabooks
    The only one I don't agree with is the tap. But that is only because our tap is SOO gross. People can't drink from it, dogs can't, cats can't. It actually smells like metal sometimes. Also, some chemicals they add to water are dangerous such as Flouride and Chlorine.
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    2. IndyJones
      We did the annual water test through the city. They said it was safe to drink brush teeth boil etc. But it smell like eggs all the time so the animals wouldn't drink it. We also couldn't wash the car with it because it left marks on the windows.
    3. splasha1
      Twice a year, here in South Florida they flush the pipes with an Ammonia based chemical that stinks like Chlorine like they used to use. So last year I tested the tap water with my swimming pool test kit and it registered way over the top scale for Chlorine, in which case the test kit says not safe to swim in. I called the Broward County Utilities Company and asked them why the water had a smell and they explained the pipes were being flushed but, "it was perfectly safe to drink." I thin explained that I tested with my pool kit and asked them how it was not safe to swim in but they say safe to drink. The conversation ended. So NO, I do not believe tap water is safe here and totally disagree with whoever posted this quiz. I've since purchased an under sink water filter system.
    4. IndyJones
      I live in Canada but I only give my guys filtered water I started doing this when the vet was concerned about Hector's kidneys found that the filtered water was so much better I got a multi stage under the sink filter system it is better for all of us I think. The city water smells like a public pool unfiltered it also leaves a brown stain on everything and corrodes plumbing with lime.
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