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Quiz: If Your Cat Had A Job What Would It Be?

Jun 21, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Let's play "career advisor" and see what our kitties can be! This quiz is for pure fun and the very tiny chance that Kitty will someday grow opposable thumbs and start speaking. You just never know! Best to be prepared and some quality job advice!

    Share the results in the comments below and don't forget to share the quiz with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Punkin Pistolero
    Super Model, yes this is definitely the Main Meow Punkin [​IMG]
  2. Punkin Pistolero
    Most definitely my Chit Chit could be an Engineer. He finds ways around challenges that my other kitty doesn't even attempt.
  3. Warriorcat Kitty
    Definitely a judge. Definitely. XD
  4. sane_cat_lady
    A beautician? She is old,senile and never liked people too much,and smack you if you take liberties (which means pretty much anything she doesn't initiate)... would you go to a beautician like that?
  5. jennifurr
    I'm sorry, but I don't see any of my cats being a bus driver.I don't feel it's their forte.
  6. tumbleweed01
    Clementine would be a security guard.
  7. leen and alice
    Result: A detective

    Ever curious and some might even say nosy, this cat loves keeping track of everyone's doing! Quiet or vocal, you know Kitty is always keeping an eye on what you're doing. Fortunately, discretion is also provided so your friends and family never get the full report.
    Lol I think she qlso might be a queen or a fighter😂
  8. abyeb
    Charlie would be a circus acrobat! A purr-fect fit for him!
  9. KatKnapper
    < An engineer?  Maybe.  I think his current job is "I spies on you from every angle and perspective."  I often ask him, "Are you a cop cat?  FBI or NSA informant?"  
  10. maddismaw
    Beautician? I think my cat would make a wonderful WALMART GREETER ! My dog and cat are usually waiting on porch , watch for us to come home . PussPuss runs over to where we park, and walks us back to the door.,,she's a trip sometimes.
  11. claretiger
    My female cat, Zinnia, would be a supermodel. Fitting. :3
  12. roserivers
    terrific! Definitely Kit would be a super model, his favourite 'I want' pose is the classic front paws together, tail wrapped round, head up, 'hurry up and feed me' expression which works every time. He's a ninja cat, stalking us around the house, pouncing on Kai, a true diva.
  13. aliens
    Chip would be a beautician and Mori would be a judge.
    I loved it!
  14. bodester413
    Bodhi would be an acrobat. Lol...yup, that sounds about right.
  15. cyree
    Percy would be a beautician...
    I can definitely see that, though one would think a beautician would learn to clean her bum. :/
  16. stampysnifflles
    I did one for my other sister's cat and she was a bus driver
  17. stampysnifflles
    I did one for my sister and her cat is a engineer
  18. stampysnifflles
    A super model LOL well others say she is beuatiful so I agree
  19. happypaws
    My calico Noelle is a super model lol
  20. taboobleu
    I'd have to agree I'd make a great beautician. I do comb mom's hair with my teeth, and give facial & neck massages. Good job
  21. alleycat101
    Leanne got "an opera singer." xD
  22. shadowkitty10
    Haha! My Whiskers would be a judge!
  23. Pook
    Beautician LOL!!
  24. drunkenufopilot
    You speak hypothetically... "if"... what they *would* be.  Ha!   Well my cats have already held these impressive positions:
    * Vice President of Napping
    * Executive Vice President of Napping (yes, they get promotions just like humans in the business world.)
    * Sleep Position Consultant
    * Software Development Co-pilot.  (Opposite of aircraft, for software, the copilot sits on the left.)
    * Professor of Food Begging Science
    * Taunter of Dogs
    * Spy.  Mostly this involves hiding in places even James Bond 007 would never think of.
    * Chief Box Inspector.
    * Professional Purroligist.
    * Weapon Systems Operator: Claws & Fangs Specialist.
    * Manufacturing Plant Owner: Dog Treat Production. (If you don't know what I mean, I'm not going to explain. Hint: it's not so much that the cat is the *owner* as *being* the manufacturing plant.)
    * Executioner.  You know, when a cat lays on your face in bed in the morning.  Luckily, my cats aren't competent at this job. For now.
  25. rubythecat
    Opera singer, that couldn't match Ruby's personality better 😂 meow, meow, meow,..... meow?
  26. GoldyCat
    Gandalf got circus clown and Miss Patchwillow got opera singer. Both entirely appropriate.
  27. tarasgirl06
    Baby Su is also a Super Model, of course!
  28. tarasgirl06
    Maryam is an Opera Singer *definitely a diva!*
  29. tarasgirl06
    Tiny Sahra is also a Super Model!
  30. tarasgirl06
    Tarifa is a Super Model. *Naturally*
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