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Quiz: If You Were A Purebred Cat Which Breed Would You Be?

Mar 24, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    It's time for a fun personality quiz for cat lovers! Are you a vocal Siamese or the strong and quiet Maine Coon? Or maybe there's another cat breed that reflects your personality even better? Take the quiz, share your result in the comment section and don't forget to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media networks!

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  1. kntrygrl256
    Russian Blue
    You're graceful and elegant. You may be reserved, until you get to know the situation and the people involved but once you break out of your shell, your true intelligence and warmth shine through!
  2. grooverite
    I'm a Maine Coon!! :)
  3. dennis47
    I am a Russian Blue also! Cool! I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE Russian Blues!
  4. nansiludie
    I got Ragdoll
  5. graywing
    I got Russian Blue.
  6. tallyollyopia
    According to the quiz, I'm a ragdoll cat! 
  7. raysmyheart
    I'm a Russian Blue!  I think that's neat!
  8. krate
  9. dennis47
    My friend Alexis was over here a while ago, and I had her take this quiz. She got Spynx.
  10. foxxycat
    I got bengal
  11. gothceltgirl
    I'm a Russian Blue. Cool.
  12. SeventhHeaven
    Bengal You manage to pull together being elegant and funny at the same time. Not an easy feat! Always active and involved, people recognize the great contribution your intellect allows you to make.
  13. gypsiecat
    Meow-za!  A Persian.  I'll just watch you all ....
  14. mazie
    Russian blue, I have always loved Russian blues
  15. numberonecatmum
    I'm a Siamese! :)
  16. dennis47
    Are you Siamese if you please? LOL
  17. segelkatt
    A Bengal??? It  says they are elegant which I am NOT! Give me jeans and sweats any day. I would have expected to be a Maine Coon.
  18. dennis47
    Oh, you probably do not give yourself enough credit, segelkatt!
  19. angels mommy
    LOL, I'm a Russian Blue! The description sounds about right too!
  20. cattsunami
    I tried to answer the questions as what my cat, Mitzy would answer them. (She's an energetic American short hair calico who loves people and exploring) The result was Siamese lol but the description fitted her perfectly! My other cat, Rollo (a shy lovable American short hair tuxedo) had the result of a Russian Blue! Ironically I got the same result as Rollo when i did the quiz for myself!
  21. tarasgirl06
    Egyptian Mau.  Sounds absolutely right.
  22. orlff
    I'm an Egyptian Mau - You manage to bring forward an authentic kind of energy that inspires everyone around you. When you say or do something, people know it's "for real" and comes from the heart.
  23. godiva kiss
    I am the elegant Russian Blue!!! The description suits me purrfectly!!!
  24. raina21
    Egyptian Mau

    You manage to bring forward an authentic kind of energy that inspires everyone around you. When you say or do something, people know it's "for real" and comes from the heart.
  25. forest phoenix
    Egyptian Mau. :) Cool.
  26. 2Cats4everLoved
    I'm a Russian Blue, but then I took it again because I liked two spices, LOL then I got Turkish Van.  both seem to fit oddly enough. funny..
  27. DreamerRose
    I'm a ragdoll.
  28. bootse
    7/4/16 I tried to answer as i felt my cat would answer and I it said my cat would be a Bengal too although as her Mommy I wouldn't want her career to be a Beautitionwhich is what I got for her on the other quiz I took for her. =^w^= I don't even know how to spell it. =^w^=. I think I would want her to be the Owner of her own Boutique Hahà BOUTIQUE BOOTSE
  29. katy05
    I'm a Bengal and i don"t want to be elegant, I'm a tomboy and i honestly would like to be a boy.
  30. smallowlcat
    I got Ragdoll :)
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