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Quiz: Can You Identify This Cat Breed?

Jul 12, 2017 · Updated Jul 12, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    How well do you know the various cat breeds? We have a fun illustrated quiz for you with lots of pretty cat pictures! See if you can guess the correct breed by taking this 10 question quiz. Don't forget to post your score in the comments section below and to share the quiz with your friends!

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    Fun Quiz: Can you identify these cat breeds?

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  1. Abbycover
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      What a beauty! *You need a charge, FYI, just sayin'*
    2. Abbycover
      What FYI
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  2. Abbycover
    1. tarasgirl06
      True. They don't always recognize those different types -- there used to be two types of tabby: mackerel and Classic (with the circular patterns on the sides).
      FYI=For Your Information. Your phone is about to go out. Give it some juice, please! ;)
      Abbycover purraised this.
  3. Abbycover
  4. Abbycover
    What breed my cat
    1. tarasgirl06
      Your cat is gorgeous and looks like a mackerel tabby shorthair.
  5. Abbycover
  6. Monotail
  7. British Girls
    100%...yay! It was really easy tho.
  8. Warriorcat Kitty
    100%... Why was this too easy? :lol:
  9. Jillifer
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I am wondering if my cat Charlie is mixed with Bengal. He is 7 months old. What first made me think of it was his meow it is so funny he talks so much. But it's like a chirp and other funny noises. Not like the typical meow of my orange tabby Carl Charly is different than most cats. He rolls over to have his belly rubbed and is so sneaky like a fox.Loves to play with water and is a funny fella. The noises are the best.
      Warriorcat Kitty purraised this.
    1. Holistic Cat Mama
      He looks like my cat Aten and has all the exact same traits as Charlie too! I've never had a cat just flop down and roll over to have his belly rubbed or who was so obsessed with water as Aten!
    2. Furballsmom
  10. Sslam
    I got 100%, but then again I am a cat breeder so it would have been bad to miss any.
      Warriorcat Kitty purraised this.
  11. Phoenix_The_Cutie_Cat=3
    I got a 90% which I guess is pretty good I love cats
  12. Humankittylover
    9/10 is my score.
      Alejandra Rico purraised this.
  13. leen and alice
    Oh my God I got a 100 !!
    Ive been a cat-lover for all of my life and I love their unique breeds and features!
  14. Alejandra Rico
    I got a 100% which I can probably relate to the fact that I have 3 ilustrated books of cat breeds and spend so much timenreading online articles about Cat breeds :crackup:
      abyeb and gitabooks purraised this.
  15. Chele0909
    Wow 80%!!! I was sure I'd get 20% Maybe 30% if I was lucky! Turns out I knew more than I thought... Then again I've been studying cats like crazy lately having 2 PREGO strays lol
      gitabooks purraised this.
  16. lVleow
    I got 100%! Just kidding, I actually got 90%. I wish it told me which one I got wrong. :crazy:
      Alejandra Rico purraised this.
  17. gitabooks
    100% because I'm obsessed with animal breeds. Actually going to college to study them. :biggrin:
      Sslam and tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  18. thehistorian
    9/10 - 90%. Not surprised. LOL!
  19. segelkatt
    90%, which one did I miss?
  20. abyeb
    100%, that's a relief, considering how much time I spend in the Describing Cats forum, lol. Fun quiz!
      Alejandra Rico and tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  21. catlady76paws
    9 out of 10. I fumbled on the Himalayan.. Great quiz
  22. raysmyheart
    100%, but I am very surprised because I was just going by instinct on some questions. I am amazed at the very knowledgeable members on this site, how they are able to recognize the different features in a cat. I learned a couple years ago when I joined this site, what a blue cat is. I never really knew until I met some wonderful blue cats here! Thank you for the fun quiz (even though I guessed)!! :)
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. Sslam
      I love the blues, and cinnamon is my fave, lilac and fawn are also cool colors, and those colors are all linked together along with chocolate
  23. Dunya
      raysmyheart purraised this.
  24. tabbysia
    I got 100%. What do I win?
      Royalty, tarasgirl06 and raysmyheart purraised this.
    1. Royalty
      Me too hundred per cent love cat quizzes
  25. tarasgirl06
    100%! I'm a "rescued is my favorite 'breed'" person, so that's a bit surprising to me. I am especially amazed I got the "Russian Blue" one correct!
      raysmyheart purraised this.
    1. leen and alice
      Same! though that I fumbled on the Russian blue one but got it right!
  26. kashmir64
    I got 90% which is amazing since I don't know cat breeds at all.
      raysmyheart purraised this.
  27. DreamerRose
    I got 100%!
      Alejandra Rico, tarasgirl06 and raysmyheart purraised this.
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