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Quiz: Are You A Grinch Or A Santa?

Dec 10, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    So, how do you really feel about the holidays?

    Let us guess if you're a Santa or a Grinch, judging by your answers to 8 cat-related questions. After all, what you like - and dislike - about cats can say a lot about you. Don't forget to let us know the result in the comments below and please share with your friends too!

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  1. 2Cats4everLoved
    I'm a Santa.  Yay...  was worried for a moment. lol  Happy Holiday's Everyone!
  2. Lyzzie
    I'm a Grinch! No surprise there...
  3. silverstartbs
    I'm a Santa!
  4. betsygee
    We've got a Grinch here!  
  5. nansiludie
    Grinch here.
  6. SeventhHeaven
  7. tarasgirl06
    *GRINCH* (since it is not a holiday for me) but I do like to have some secular interest in it, such as giving presents to my beloved cats and fixing a big feast. 
  8. Kat0121
    # Team Grinch
  9. raysmyheart
    I'm a Santa, (a grinch in real life with people)!   Every year I search out holiday cards that are cat-themed because cats are sweet and gentle like the season should be.  (I don't like the silly cards).  I sign them with my name and Speedy's.  I found the best cat cards this year.  
  10. Graceful-Lily
    Yay! I'm a Santa! :D
  11. leen and alice
  12. bemaryandbright
  13. margd
    Santa, much to my surprise.  
  14. claretiger
    Santa, no surprise there.
  15. victorysmom
    You're not too keen on the festivities, at least not where cats are concerned. If the humans want to celebrate, let them keep kitties out of it. Did we get that right? Then share the results with your friends and let's see if they're the same or not. Grinch here, no suprise lol.
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