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Quiz: Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?

Apr 10, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    You don't have to be a woman to be a "Crazy Cat Lady". All you have to be is utterly and totally committed to cats! So, are you a crazy cat lady? Or maybe a cat lover (that's awesome too!), or just someone who happens to like cats? Let's see how you score - let us know in the comments!

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  1. Cats Are Best
    I'm a crazy cat lady!!!!! :yess:;):hyper: I always felt that I loved cats that much!!!:catlove: Now that I think about it, why would I not be a crazy cat lady?:rbheart:
  2. tiptopper
    True Cat Lover
  3. misty8723
    So, I am officially a crazy cat lady, lol.
  4. victorysmom
    At Nina, I helped tame 2, plus am in the middle of taming a litter of 3 ferals, one finally let me pet her!!!! 
  5. victorysmom
    Yup, crazy cat lady, probably because I care for the feral cats here plus my own, I have a habit of that lol. 
  6. claretiger
    Crazy Cat Lady and I'm proud of it!
  7. nina dillmann
    well, duh.  I'm a crazy cat lady.  I only have 21 kitties, a king-size bed, and recently relocated a whole colony to my house because their house was going to be torn down.  TNRed the whole bunch.  Doubled my cat count in two months!  I have one who I only see occasionally since she lives under the bed...Am building a Catio for the truly wild ones, but have tamed 2, so far.  LOL!
      nansiludie purraised this.
  8. Lyzzie
    "Result: Yes! You're definitely a crazy cat lady!"Yay! I made it! I'm so proud!
  9. shadowkitty10
    Definitely a Crazy Cat Lady! Oh my gosh!
  10. catwoman=^..^=
    I just made it to True Cat Lover, mainly, I think, because I would gently nudge my cat over without waking her.  The only reason I would do this is that I only have a twin bed.  If I had a full size or queen size bed I may have made it to Crazy Cat Lady!  There's still hope for me yet!  LOL!
  11. Shane Kent
    I figured I was a crazy cat "gentleman" because my friends tell me so. One of my friends calls me "the cat man". When I go to his house his cat comes out to greet me and doesn't do it for other people.
      MyOllie purraised this.
  12. Alicia88
    Crazy cat lady.  Honestly, was there any doubt?
  13. rascalshadownj2
     Same here. I'm definitely a cat lover.
  14. leen and alice
    Im a a true cat lover!
  15. di and bob
    It said I'm definitely a CRAZY CAT LADY! (I've already been accused of that!)
  16. DreamerRose
    I'm a true cat lover.
  17. SeventhHeaven
    Hi five raymyheart you're not alone  :D  (they're just such good kitties)
  18. raysmyheart
    I am A CRAZY CAT LADY!!!
  19. tarasgirl06
    A cat-a-loon.  Proud of it.
  20. 2Cats4everLoved
    So, I'm a True Cat Lover...  Not yet the Crazy Cat Lady, although if I had my own yard and bigger living space, I think I would have had a different answer. haha
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