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Nov 22, 2016 · Updated Nov 22, 2016 · ·
  1. queensryche
    For years, I had begged my parents for a kitten, and whether I would jokingly throw it around or I meant it for real, I actually really wanted one. The first cats I remember living with were my parent's favorites, and they had bought the pair when they were kittens. They raised havoc, knocking down water from counters, getting on the top of the fridge, throwing and ripping up paper, and my parents were strictly against getting any more kittens.
    That, of course, did not stop me from wanting one.
    The summer of 2014, my mom came into my room and opened the blinds to my window to wake me up and said, "hey, guess what we got?" I, of course, had no idea. I assumed it was "hey, we got you some of your favorite food" or, "hey, we picked you up something from the store."
    I was not ready for "we got a kitten for you. He's down at the vet's office being cleaned."
    That  woke me up real fast.
    Within the next hour I was up and ready to visit the kitten.
    Piper, was his name. And it had a meaning, too.
    Apparently, at the beginning of the week, my mom had placed a bet that if her coworkers could get some stray kitten out of the pipes in their garage, she'd take him home. She had full confidence that they wouldn't be able to get him. He had somehow managed to get himself caught in the garage pipes after somehow being separated from his mother, and had been living in the pipes for quite a bit. Hence the name Piper. One of my mom's coworkers had been feeding him soft food, but they needed to get him out.
    My mom took the next day off, then came back to work to "we got the kitten out."
    So, from there, that kitten was our's. Specifically mine. My parents didn't want the kitten but I certainly did, and they wanted me to see how disastrous kittens could be.
    The vet said he was most likely six months, but with the size of him, there was no way. He couldn't have been any more than three months.
    And since then, Piper has been stalking our other cats and tearing up my arms when I play with him. He is the cutest and dumbest thing, but I wouldn't trade him for the world. 
    His tail is way too long for his body, and when he puts it in the hair the top four inches curls over because it's so long. He uses his tail to show how he's feeling and I've never seen a cat use his tail more for how their feeling like Piper. He likes to cuddle for a few minutes and nibble on my neck and chin and cheek, then get up and run off. He's afraid of everything. He's the cutest thing and I love him.

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  1. raysmyheart
    Piper is the sweetest cat!  I am glad he has someone to love him forever like you!
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