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Oscars Special: Top Ten Great Cat Movies

Feb 23, 2013 · Updated May 29, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    We love cats and we love movies! This year, in honor of the annual Oscar ceremony, we decided to take a look at the ultimate combo: Movies with or about cats! We polled our members and checked out the bestsellers on Amazon for the beehive brain answer to "The Best Cat Movies" ever. Here's a selection of 10 awesome cat movies we think you're going to love. All you have to do is get enough popcorn!

    And so, the TCS Oscars go to...

    The Aristocats

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    This classic story is almost too well-known to need re-telling. The elderly Madame Bonfamille shares her life in Paris with snobbish cat Duchess and three kittens: Berlioz, Toulouse and Marie. Her butler Edgar overhears her saying she will leave her fortune to her cats and decides to prevent this by kidnapping the four felines. When his car is involved in an accident, the cats get away and find a guide, street-smart stray cat Thomas O'Malley, to get them back to Paris. The inevitable love story between Duchess and Thomas has a happy ending, of course. After all, this is a Disney movie.

    The cats may be animated, but they've managed to pull at the heartstrings of cat lovers ever since 1970, the year this movie came out. It's noted for being the last movie project to be approved by Walt Disney himself.

    MoochNNoodles: My DD and I love watching The Aristocats! It's one of my step-father's favorites and he is only secretly a cat lover.

    The Incredible Journey

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    Another Disney classic is on our list. There are two movie versions of this epic tale of three pets, two dogs and a cat, making their way back home through hundreds of miles of pure adventure. The 1963 version has animals traveling across the Canadian wilderness, while the newer 1993 movie - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey - is based in the US. Either way, these are real animals, not animations, and as such, I admit I find some of the scenes disturbing, especially in the earlier version where you know no special effects were used.

    The cat in the first version is a Siamese named Tao. In the second, it's a Himalayan named Sassy. As our member maewkaew (see review below), rightfully noted, it's pretty hard to believe a longhaired cat can manage 250 miles in the wild like this.

    maewkaew: I love it for the cinematography and the amazing performances of the animals, the story of their determination, courage, intelligence and great loyalty. I prefer the original which let the story be told by a narrator and the actions of the animals over the 1993 remake ("Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey") where they had actors doing voices for the animals and had them making dumb insults at each other and acting more like bratty, whiny human children ...

    Garfield - The Movie

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    Garfield's human, Jon, brings home a dog named Odie. Garfield makes sure to get the innocent, but not very smart, pooch into trouble. Things go wrong when Garfield locks Odie outside and the dog disappears. Driven by guilt and genuine care for a fellow pet, Garfield goes out to search and save the dog.

    This movie perfectly captures the spirit of Garfield, the cartoon ginger tabby. He's both smart and foolish, egocentric and generous, a homebody and an adventurer, all in one. This movie is funny, and my kids adore it. It's good clean family fun with lots of action. Best of all, you can be sure no cat was harmed during the making of this motion picture because the character of Garfield is animated (although the rest of the cast as well as the settings, are not).

    Bill Murray does a great job here being Garfield's voice. Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt are great at providing the necessary plot without ever stealing the show from the cat.

    That Darn Cat

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    A re-make of a 1965 movie featuring Hayley Mills, this Walt Disney flick has an alley cat as the pivot of its plot. D.C., short for Darn Cat, is a Massachusetts stray that happens to stumble upon a gagged and bound kidnapping victim. The woman sends out a plea for help by attaching a note to her watch and putting it around D.C.'s neck. A young woman and the detective in charge of the case then follow D.C. around town, in a comic search and rescue.

    It's wholesome fun for the whole family, and has a cat in the title - what more can you ask for?

    Milo and Otis

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    Similar to "The Incredible Journey", this movie also tells the story of two pets on an epic journey, away from comfort or safety. Milo, the red tabby, and Otis, the pug, are friends who grew up together on a farm. When they separate, they go on a journey to find each other, through mountains, plains, and snow-covered lands, and of course, the obligatory bear or two.

    This Japanese production has many fans among animal lovers, although questions have been raised about the welfare of the animals seen in the movie.

    kookycats: I also absolutely loved Milo and Otis. When one of our Rainbow kitties, Ali, was with us, we had the TV on and Milo and Otis was playing. The very end showed the litters of kittens and puppies and Ali just sat staring at the screen absolutely fascinated.[/quote]


    Cats and Dogs

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    The mythic war between dogs and cats is the center of this movie. As a scientist tries to create a cure for dog allergies in humans, the cats, fearing a shift in the balance of power, try to stop him.

    The movie has a sweet little beagle as the hero, juxtaposed with an evil white Persian cat named Mr. Tinkles. Cat lovers beware - this movie requires an extra strong sense of humor, as it depicts cats in a less than favorable way... Its strength is in the great special effects, allowing cats and dogs to play lead roles.

    Bell, Book and Candle

    Buy at www.amazon.com

    This 1958 classic tells the story of a modern-day witch, living in a New York apartment with her Siamese familiar, Pyewacket. In an effort to win the heart of a handsome publisher who's engaged to an old rival, she casts spells using her cat.

    One has to wonder why the gorgeous Kim Novak would need any love spells. The rest is pretty believable for a cat lover. After all, those blue Meezer eyes are indeed enchanting, as anyone who's ever shared some time with a Siamese cat can attest to.

    Watch Kim Novak and her cat cast their spell -

    Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    Some may say this isn't a movie about cats. Well, undeniably the leading role in this iconic chick flick belongs to the one and only Audrey Hepburn, but her association with the cat plays a pivotal role in the creation of her character, Holly Golightly.

    The cat is an unforgettable red tabby, referred to as "Cat". Cat epitomizes Holly's emotional problems with commitment. She's attached to the cat, but can't bring herself to admit he's "her" cat or even name him.

    StealthKitty: Every time I watch it, I'm moved by how Holly comes to realize that her heart belongs to Paul, just as Cat has become her own; and she decides to keep them both close.

    Born Free

    Buy or Rent at www.amazon.com

    Ending the list with some very big cats is the classic 1966 movie "Born Free". The movie tells the real-story of Joy Adamson and her husband George who rescued three lion cubs in Kenya, where George was a game warden. The story focuses on the special bond between Joy and Elsa, a female lion cub. In a move that was innovative at the time, Joy decides to work with Elsa on a gradual release back into the wild.

    While based on a true story, this isn't a documentary. Joy and George are portrayed by actors, and the lions are not the real Elsa and her two sisters. Still, the actors did indeed work closely with live lions, and these same lions were in fact released when the production was over.
    StealthKitty: My husband's favorite movie with "cats" would be "Born Free." [​IMG] He adores big cats and sentimental stories, so it's actually his all-time favorite movie.

    How about you? What's your favorite cat movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. tarasgirl06
    "HARRY AND TONTO" is one of the best movies featuring a cat! Thank you for reminding everyone. Another favorite of my family's is "GIGOT" an overlooked 1963 gem starring the incomparable Jackie Gleason and featuring a very charming orange tabby, and set in Paris.
  2. isabellatetrazi
    Oh my, you are all missing out on, what in my opinion, is the BEST cat movie EVER! 'Harry and Tonto" with Art Carney. It won an Oscar many years ago and is the absolute best cat movie. If you want a treat rent it today, you won't be disappointed =)
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
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