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Nine Christmas Ornaments That Tell The World You're Crazy About Cats, And One Menorah Too!

Nov 12, 2013 ·
  1. Anne
    Whether you're setting up a Christmas tree, putting up a menorah or just decorating your home for the holidays, we have some ideas for you that will get the message across to your guests: You're a cat person!

    Old World Christmas Letting the Cat Out of the Bag Glass Ornament

    Available on Amazon for $12.99

    A hand-painted glass ornament that captures the holiday spirit with a a whimsical cat saying. The cat is out of the bag here, and that bag is very festive, in shades of red metallic tightly wrapped with a green bow.

    Old World is a maker of quality glass ornaments. They are fragile by nature, but also durable enough to last for years. This cute 3.5 inch long kitty will spread the joy dangling from the branches.


    Available on Amazon for $35.19

    This set of four adorable 3.75 inch high cat figurines will add holiday cheer and a distinct feline theme to your tree. They're not cheap, but they are made of highly durable resin, sculpted with exquisite detail from fluffy coat to that cute pink tongue almost sticking out of their mouths.

    Each cat comes in a different shade, so they're alike but not identical. Display all four together in a creative setup, or consider gifting one or more to a cat lover who's close to your heart.

    Cats in Mittens Christmas Ornaments Set of 3

    Available on Amazon for $15.95

    Each one of these kitties is über adorable in its own special way. You have a colorpoint, a white cat and a cute orange tabby, each snuggled up in its own mitten, with a matching ribbon to hang them with, and a small ribbon at the bottom.

    Both cats and mittens are beautifully crafted. The mittens are made to look as if they're crocheted, but there's nothing soft about these ornaments. They will entertain your guests and yourself for years to come, and at this price, I do think they're a bargain!

    Cat Ball Ornament

    Available on Amazon for $15.45

    Moving on to Christmas tree classics, it's time to look at some ornamental balls. I love the design on this ceramic ball. The simple yet elegant drawing is irresistibly cute, with that feline face smiling at you.

    Hand-painted in bright red and adorned with matching red and green ribbons, it manages to retain a traditional Christmassy look, with a modern interpretation. The bright colors make this an eye-catcher, so you can be sure those looking at your holiday decorations can tell you're a real cat lover.

    Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Christmas Tree Ornament

    Available on Amazon for $41.89

    A slightly less traditional take on the ornamental ball is offered in the form of a smiling Cheshire Cat glass ball. Perfect for fans of Alice (or Johnny Depp!)

    This cat, with its human set of teeth, can add just the right amount of "different" to your tree. The colors are unique too, with the green complemented by silver and blue stripes, rather than traditional red.

    Imported from Europe, it is mouth-blown and hand-painted by local artists. At over $40, you'll want to make sure no one drops this precious work of art.

    Cat Sayings Ornament

    Available on Amazon for $8.99

    Looking for a fun modern ornament? Look no further. This glass ball offers a fresh design in white and red, with plenty of reading material. It has several whimsical phrases printed all over it. They include: What part of meow don't you understand? Love me…love my cat! Only my cat understands me. Cats are children with fur coats.

    Classics, no doubt. But if you're worried your guests may not bother reading so much text, don't worry. The truly important message is printed right in the middle in large letters and simply says: I Love My Cat.

    Loving Memory Cat Memorial Christmas Ornament Photo

    Available on Amazon for $5.99

    This ornament pulls right at your heartstrings, doesn't it? It's a beautiful way to commemorate a beloved feline who's no longer with you. You can keep the memory of your furry family member alive by forever keeping this tasteful ornament as part of your collection of decorations, to be brought out and shared during the holidays.

    Priced at only $5.99, the ornament itself is simple and practical. With this one, it's not about the quality of the ornament, but about the emotions evoked by seeing the picture of your rainbow kitty on the tree.

    Gorham Cat Ornaments

    Available on Amazon for $28.00

    A beautiful set of three cats, each in a different setting. One with a Christmas ornament, another with a wreath and the third adorned with a huge ribbon. These are high-quality ornaments, made by Lenox, which will last many winters.

    They make a perfect set for your tree, or you can split the three up and give them to your friends and family, either as a stocking stuffer, or as a beautiful gift in its own right. They're heavy enough and very high-quality, so you can be sure any cat lover will be happy to receive this gift!

    Siamese Cat Angel Christmas Ornament

    Available on Amazon for $9.50

    This ornament is the perfect addition to any tree in a home ruled by a Meezer. Small and lightweight, it manages to capture that special curious look you expect to see in a Siamese cat's eyes. The angel wings add a sweet magical touch that complements your festive home decor.

    If you know anyone who shares his or her life with a colorpoint kitty, this could be a wonderful gift too. Doesn't have to be a Siamese, either.

    Ketzel the Cat Hand-Crafted Metal Menorah

    Available on Amazon for $36.99

    Last, but not least, a menorah. I found this delightful cat-shaped metal menorah on Amazon and couldn't help sharing.

    The elongated cat will make you and your guests smile, that's for sure. The aluminum figure is elongated enough to carry all nine candles on its back, and the design is colorful and whimsical. This cat even wears shoes, an important feature when you want to make sure those lit candles never topple over. Just make sure to keep the kitties away from the candles!

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