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Nero, the King

Nov 28, 2016 · ·
  1. catlady76paws

    Nero was born in January 1999 and belonged to my husband. He was a mixed outside-indoor cat, depending on where they lived.

    When I moved in with my bunch he became an indoor cat.

    Kitten foto I found

    Lovely face

    And sometimes not so lovely

    He was also great with the kittens in 2011

    In 2012 I noticed he was very thin and he kept peeing everywhere.

    We took him to the vet and had his blood tested. He had acute kidney failure. Wanting to give him every chance he had, we took him home with a fluid drip, which we hung up to properly administer.

    At first he was fine, he didn't really like it, but he endured it. Until we noticed the fluids collected in his skin giving him very fat legs. After the weekend I took him back to the vet and his values had dropped minimally. I asked her what more we could do and she said we could give him all different kinds of pills but the vet and I already knew as soon as she started to talk about the pills, it wasn't fair on Nero. He would be kept alive instead of living. He was a proud cat, he wouldn't want that.

    On July 12th we let him go. 

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  1. kommunity kats
    So sorry for your loss! 
    I've had to make that decision, & know it isn't easy!
    Thank You for doing right by Nero!
    I don't look forward to having to make such decisions in the future (we're in process of becoming guardians of a cat family of 11).
    Quality is so much more important than length of life!
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