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Natural Balance Product Review

Jun 7, 2012 · ·
  1. Anne
    A few weeks ago, our friends over at Mr Chewy's sent one of our moderators, Joan aka GoldyCat, a case of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet (L.I.D.) Venison & Green Pea formula.


    Joan shares her impressions with us here -

    I have eight cats ranging in age from 3-1/2 years to 6 years. Their main diet is grain-free dry food available for free feeding throughout the day and one wet meal each evening.

    For a ten day trial period I replaced their regular wet food with an equal amount of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Venison & Green Pea canned cat food, keeping the rest of their diet the same.

    All my cats liked the food, including my picky eaters who normally won’t touch pate-style cat food. Some of them did seem to get bored with the same flavor after a few days. They didn’t stop eating it, but did slow down. NB makes several different flavors of the Limited Ingredient Diet which could be rotated to prevent the boredom.

    Since I do measured free feeding with the dry food I was able to observe that my cats were eating 10-15% less of their dry food. This could be an indication that the NB has a higher concentration of nutrition than their usual wet food, but I would need a longer trial period to see if the pattern holds up.

    Subjectively, I have seen less shedding over the last few days, but again, I would need a longer trial period to determine if this is related to the food or simply a coincidence.

    Cost. NB costs almost three times as much per ounce as the food I’ve been getting. If I were to feed an equivalent amount of NB my overall cost for cat food, including the dry food, would go up by more than 40%.

    I like the limited ingredients without all the extra fillers that are found in so many cat foods. If I had just one cat I would seriously consider making the change to NB. However, for eight cats the cost becomes prohibitive. I might keep a few cans around to give as an occasional treat but don’t feel that I can afford to make this food a major part of their diet.

    If you want to try this ultra premium cat food, click for the Natural Balance page on Mr Chewy's site.

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  1. kittymommy
    I have two cats and I use NB (but the Green Pea and Duck version). One of my cats has a lot of problems with food allergies (chicken, salmon, tuna) so this is the only food he can eat that won't bring on allergy symptoms. It's been so great to have the LID (limited ingredient diet) option through NB. :) In case anyone cares there's another type of LID too it's called Wysong which is even more expensive than the NB but it's equally as good for the LID needs for kitties who have allergies. :)
  2. tarasgirl06
    Our household is similar to yours as there are seven sweet cats here, ranging in age from 7 years to 18 years. I've always fed premium quality wet food twice daily, augmented by premium quality dry food free-choice. Yes, it is costly, but as with humans, we save in terms of their enjoying good health and not having to go to the vet for the various issues caused by poor diet. I'm a believer in pre-emptive, pro-active health care for myself and my loved ones. The proof is in the glossy coats, bright eyes, good health, happiness, playfulness and general thriving of our beloved cats (one of whom is pictured on my icon).
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