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Mittens, a pillow that purrs.

Nov 18, 2016 · Updated Nov 18, 2016 ·
  1. banana queen


    Mittens is a female tuxedo domestic short haired cat, with a black dot on her pink nose.

    She was born in April 2015 and was found in my garden as a kitten with her sisters Izzy and Amber.

    She is called Mittens because of her white paws, and we have another cat named Socks, so they match.

    She also gets called Mitty, Mitties, Mitty Moo, Mitts, MitMit, Baby Dot Nose, Mitten Kitten and Itty Bitty Mitty.

    Mittens is a very lazy cat, she is pretty much a pillow that purrs through the whole day, but in the evening she comes to meow at me for some attention. She purrs and meows very loudly. She loves to cuddle.

    She likes sleeping in dirty laundry, on top of the DVD player and in the frying pan when it is stored on top of the kitchen cupboards. She also likes sleeping under the children's bunk bed.

    Mittens likes to sit by the window and watch birds, but she doesnt like to go outside much.

    Mittens likes toys with feathers.

    Mittens is a very shy cat, she hides under the bed when we have company, and she hides when the children are running round.

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