Name: Mauli

Sex: Female

Year of Birth: 2006

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Fur Color: Tuxedo

Eye Color: Green

Mauli (i.e. Booley) is the eldest of our pride, and definitely in charge. She has an attitude and is not afraid to let people know. However, she is a lap kitty to only me and has a purr that can be heard throughout the house.

Arrival Story:

Mauli came to me before I met my husband and was a kitten that I found in the bushes behind my apartment complex. She was very young, and the mother was owned by a family who had taken Mama cat and moved to another location leaving the kittens behind. Mauli was the only one who survived.

Favorite Food & Treats:

Mauli likes almost everything, but really does not like salmon at all.
Favorite Toys:
Plastic bags, boxes, hair scrunchies - you know, anything that isn't a typical toy.