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Malibu the Calm

Jan 30, 2017 · Updated Jan 30, 2017 · ·
  1. abby2932
    BORN MARCH 17, 2006
    Malibu is such a special cat to me...my "soul cat", if you will. At the time of writing this page, he is almost 11 years old! He's been with me since he was a tiny kitten and I hope that we'll be able to share many more years together.

    We first met at my aunt and uncle's house. They had a litter of four kittens and I wanted two of them. I was 19 years old then. A teenager who just bought her very first home and needed to fill it with the joy that kittens bring.  When the litter turned 12 weeks old, I asked my aunt and uncle to inform me of who the girls were, as I intended on bringing home two females. Two of the kittens were grey and white and looked very similar. The other two kittens were brown and white and looked very similar. Only one of the brown and white kittens was a girl so I chose her first. Both of the grey and white kittens were girls (supposedly) and Malibu was who I wanted. The little, docile, fluffy, blue-eyed kitten.

    I brought them home in a cute pink cat carrier and had all pink toys, collars, beds and blankets waiting for them at home. After a few days to learn their personality, I named the brown and white girl Tequila because she was so wild and it fit. I named Malibu after the rum because he was so calm and content to snuggle and just be around me. (I'm not an alcoholic [​IMG])

    It wasn't until a few months later when to was time for their spay did I learn that Malibu was not a girl after all! How horrible he must have felt with all those pink things. And all the times I referred to him as Tequila's sister! When I told my aunt and uncle about the new discovery, they offered to take him back and swap for another female but I was already in love and wouldn't let him go anywhere after that.

    Two short years later in 2008, Tequila had an emergency that took me completely by surprise. One night out of nowhere, I noticed that when she jumped off the sofa, her back legs gave out on her. I observed her difficulty walking and took her to the emergency vet. She was in Hepatic Lipidosis. Three days at the E-vet and $900 later, they could not save my girl and she passed away in the middle of the night on June 17, 2008.

    That was a very sad year for me and I decided not to get another cat for a while. It was only Malibu and I spending all of our time together and bonding with each other. Malibu is so eager to please and do anything to make me happy. He even learned to use the human toilet. We didn't have to have a litterbox until the summer of 2011 when we adopted Kali. Malibu wasn't happy about it for the longest time. It took about 8 months before he was OK being in the same room with her. I thought adopting her was a mistake, as Malibu and my relationship drastically changed and I wasn't sure if it would ever be the same again. Alas, everything worked out in the end! Malibu and Kali tolerate each other and Malibu and I still bond and have a great relationship now that he's used to Kali.

    I feel like I'm a much better cat parent now than I was back in 2008. I was young, in school and working full time. I free-fed my cats dry kibble (Science Diet to boot) and I blame my poor nutrition choice for my cats as the reason for Tequila's early death. As I've grown, I've learned so much about cat care, mostly from the people on this forum. I may not post much but I read A LOT and I've learned a lot.

    Malibu has been eating a balanced, raw diet since 2014. He was 8 years old for the transition and he converted like a champion. Gave me no trouble at all. Well...not on purpose, at least. Turns out, he's intolerant to a variety of proteins; most poultry, beef, venison, alpaca and the list goes on. Also, I can't feed him food with fur in it or he throws it right up; rabbit with fur, cavies, mouse (whole & ground). It has been a challenge to figure out what to feed this guy of mine. He does very well with Rabbit, Pork, Turkey, Goat & Llama. So I rotate between the first three proteins for his meals and the last two proteins are what he eats when I'm out of town.

    In his 10th year of life, I'm happy to say that he has no health issues. We do a Senior Wellness Profile once a year that tests for illness and his well-being. He makes me so happy. Every day I get so excited to come home from work to see him (and Kali) and just hold him and love on him. He's so different than every other cat I've had. He comes when he's called and loves to be held and never needs any alone time away from me. Like I said, my soul-cat [​IMG]  

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  1. Fyrekit(Proud Cat Mommy)
    Well, I share a birthday with him. He is beautiful and you are very lucky to have him in your life.
  2. abby2932
    Aw, thank you and thanks for reading! I'm going to make a Cat Page for little Kali too, I just haven't gotten around to it yet!
  3. raysmyheart
    This is such a wonderful story, I thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and posting Malibu's story.  It did bring a little tear to my eye because it reminds me how precious cats are in our lives and how they are so close by our side as the years go on.  I am sorry for your loss of Tequila, may she run free.  All the best to you, Malibu and Kali for many more years together, from Marianne (raysmyheart) and Speedy!
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