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Let Us Guess Your Age By Your Preferences In Cats!

Jul 19, 2016 · Updated Jul 19, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    We've put together a fun little quiz with 10 questions and lots of cat pictures. We think we can tell your age based on your choices. Give it a try and see if we got it right! Don't forget to let us know in the results and share them with friends on Facebook. After all, we may have figured out your real age (who cares if your birth certificate says otherwise!)

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  1. WittyKat
    I'm 61, but I will certainly accept the quiz's result of 34! :-)
      CAW, dustydiamond1 and 1 bruce 1 purraised this.
  2. momstiel
    Wow! It guessed that I was sixteen and they got it exactly right. Far more accurate than any Buzzfeed quiz I've ever taken. (;
      Warriorcat Kitty purraised this.
  3. IndyJones
    53 WTH?!

    Way off. 25 actually.
      Warriorcat Kitty purraised this.
  4. Lyzzie
    "Result: You're 89!" I guess 31 is the new 89...
      DaphnesMommy purraised this.
  5. Silver Crazy
    Missed by thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much.
  6. Royalty
    That’s funny I got 42 and I’m 61
  7. Royalty
    I got 68 and it’s 7 years out
  8. Warriorcat Kitty
    It guess about seven years off lol
  9. nansiludie
    I got 53 and I am not that old yet.
  10. nansiludie
    I got 53 and I am not that old yet.
  11. CrAzY_CaT_MoM
    i got the answer 19 but im 25. guess choosing the cuter/younger looking kittens brought it down. ior maybe i am younger at heart than i thought.
  12. mrsduque
  13. DrizzleOfSalt
    very very close
  14. dustydiamond1
    Guessed me 8 years younger
  15. betsygee
    Haha, 19! Yeah, that's close...:rolleyes: Only off by 40 years, give or take. :lol:
  16. lyrajean
    It thought I was 16... Laughs... Add about 27 to that...
  17. morpheusmom
    42 seems to be a popular result, Not my age chronological but maybe in cat years. Yeah cat years I be telling people I'm 42 from now on and I have a test to prove it and my cat Morpheus vouches for the test.😸😸😸😸
  18. angelsmom1988
    Guessed my age at 53.  I must be young at heart!
  19. victorysmom
    It thinks i'm 42, lmao, almost 32.. 
  20. rascalshadownj2
    This is funny. The first time I took this quiz, it said I was 89, and the second time it said I was 16. I'm actually 60! LOL This is obviously Not consistent. lol But it's a fun quiz.
  21. Margret
    Slightly more than 20 years younger than reality.  10 if we don't count my lost decade, but still way off.
  22. daphnekitty
    16! Really close, wow...
    "You're young, innocent and fresh and you love cats to bits already! Keep on learning and kindle your love for cats throughout life!"
  23. nina dillmann
    I'll take the 42!  I'm really 61....
  24. 2Cats4everLoved
    I don't know how I missed this fun quiz.  Said I'm 42 - I'll take it - that was a good year.  It's only off by 10 years.  LOL
  25. crookshanks2
    I'm 16... I never knew that! :p
  26. da hoomin
    HA! It says I'm 5 years younger than what I really am. I'll take it!
    I didn't think any of those pix were actually funny. But the cat in the top left, the one staring off into space? It's having a f'ing seizure.
  27. silverstartbs
    16 is what it guessed, Close, but I'm a few years younger ;)
  28. da hoomin
    Absence Seizures (Petit Mal)http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/neur...eizures/types/absence-petit-mal-seizures.html
    People experiencing absence seizures typically appear to stare without moving. Usually lasting less than 15 seconds, absence seizures can occur many times a day and may be mistaken for daydreaming.
    While the patient may not remember what happened during the seizure, they’ll typically return to being instantly alert as soon as the seizure is finished.
    1. MrHandsomesMama
      That explains so much of my life! Lol
  29. da hoomin
    The 1st cat in 'Which do you think is funny?" - the one staring off into space, even when poked?
  30. alleycat101
    3 years older than I am... :)
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