I have spent a long day helping a friend move to a new home with her cat, Ginger.

The cat was my responsibility and so I spent a few hours in his allocated safe room, where we put his food, water and litterbox. I took turns between talking to him soothingly and reading a book and just "being" there with him and for him. Ginger was very vocal at first, loudly meowing and trying to find a way out of the room. I kept telling him that I understood him. It can be hard to let go of the past and it was perfectly natural for him to try and get back to his safe and familiar old home. I also told him how wonderful his new place was. He is getting an automated litterbox and a new water fountain! And he's going to have a perch out of which he can watch the nearby park.

And so this quote seems particularly apt today. For humans and cats, letting go of what he had planned to be the rest of our lives is anything but easy. Yet, sometimes it's just the thing we have to do. What's waiting for us instead may not be so bad, after all! What do you think? Aren't cats and humans really alike in that aspect?

Wishing Ginger a full and fast adjustment to his new place!
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