Name: Joni

Sex: Female

Is this a Memorial Page? No

Year of Birth: May 2011

Breed: DSH

Fur Color: Calico

Eye Color: Green  

Biography: Joni is a truly modern girl

with sweetness and attitude both in

abundance.  She knows what she likes and

how to get it.  Joni loves to cuddle, to be picked

up and held, and to be petted, but I have to

watch for the flick of her tail that signifies she

has had enough.  She loves to hunt her own

tail and pick fights with her brother Simon 

(which she promptly screams about).

Arrival Story: Joni was in the litter of a cat that

belonged to a friend of a friend.  My friend adopted

her, but she didn't fit in at that home, which had

two young kids and an elderly dog.  She came

home to reign over our household on July 21, 2011, 

and I wouldn't change a thing.

Favorite Food & Treats: A pickier eater than her

brothers, she still pretty much likes anything. 

Favorite Toys: She loves to play with her brother

Simon, her own tail, bottle caps, and the wand

toy.  She is also WILD about a laser or flashlight!