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Izzy, my fluffy little weirdo

Nov 18, 2016 · Updated Nov 18, 2016 · ·
  1. banana queen


    Izzy is a female black domestic short haired cat, with a little spot of white on her chest.

    She was born in April 2015, she showed up in my garden as a kitten, along with her two sisters, Mittens and Amber. She was the first one I found, she came right up to my front door and meowed, when I opened the door she walked right in.

    I have no idea where the name Izzy came from, my kid named her.

    Izzy's nicknames are Izzers, Izzababes, Izzy Wizzy Woo, Izzles, Woo and Izz. Izzy is short for Isabelle, but that isn't used very often.

    Izzy likes everything, especially kneading on fluffy things, keeping humans company in the bathroom, playing with her five year old human and belly rubs, but sometimes it is a trap. She has a loud squeaky meow. She is very friendly and loving.

    She gets stuck on the shed roof and inside rooms if the door swings closed, and meows for help. She loves the cat carrier, until about halfway to the vet, when she realises.

    Izzy's favourite spots to sleep are on a black fluffy sofa cushion (I call it catmoflauge), any unattended jackets or bags, and beds.

    Izzy does not like baths and the vet, but loves everything else.

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  1. ginny
    She looks like a very sweet kitty!  Do you still have Mittens and Amber too?
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