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Inspurrational Quote: Put Your Heart, Mind And Soul Into Even The Smallest Of Acts!

Apr 14, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    I think that's something are cats are really good at and nothing shows it more than their utter dedication to self grooming! Cats can and will spend hours every day meticulously licking every bit of their body they can get to, and then a few that they can't even seem to reach! A feline grooming session can be is almost hypnotic to watch, thanks to the intensity and dedication they invest in every swing of that hard-working tongue!

    Just look at the facial expression of this Sphynx cat and tell me this isn't motivating? If a hairless cat can be so dedicated to grooming his coat we should do the same with every chore and task we face throughout the day, big or small!

    As always, your comments and feedback are welcome!

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  1. raysmyheart
    Yes, I think it is amazing how cats know how to take care of themselves.  I find it amazing and a great gift they receive from nature and from their moms.  I agree, the facial expression says, "Yes, this is the right thing to do and I will groom until the job is done"!  I think this cat's face speaks for how wonderful ALL cats are.  You can almost see every cat in this cat.  I am very thankful for the gift of cats, even more so as every year goes by!
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