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In Loving Memory

Dec 15, 2016 · ·
  1. jaydeew

    Paddington 1989 - 2004

    Paddington the Persian was my first cat.  He was five years old when my family adopted him.  My little brother had wanted another pet after his mouse had died.  My dad had said no to a dog, so a cat was the next choice.  I was fourteen and hadn’t really thought about having a cat before.

    There was a lot of talk about adopting a cat, but nothing really seemed to be happening until one day when my brother, sister and I came home from school and were told to go look in the basement.  And there, hiding under a table was this beautiful white fluffy cat with huge green eyes. 

    Paddington had lived with an older couple and their large dog.  The couple had retired and were planning on travelling a lot and couldn’t take Paddington with them.  Originally the plan was for my parents to go and meet the cat, and think about it before making the decision.  But after meeting Paddington, they knew he had to join our family.  So it was a surprise to us kids when we came home to find our new family member!

    We had to learn all about caring for a cat.  We got advice from friends and Paddington was taken to the vet straight away.  He did have pretty bad teeth which needed cleaning.  A procedure done by the vet that required general anaesthetic .  Even after the cleaning his teeth did bother him a bit for the rest of his life. 

    Because he was a Persian with long, very fine white fur he required a lot of grooming, which he hated.  But all of us became quite good at it.

    Paddington was a very gentle cat with an unexpectedly deep, manly meow.  He was always very small, and at his heaviest he was only ever seven pounds.  When he first came to live with us he was quite aloof, happy to do his own thing.  He wasn’t used to kids, but eventually he warmed up to us.  And even though he was supposed to be my brother’s cat, Paddington and I ended up with the closest bond. 

    Paddington would sit on my lap for hours while I watched television or played on the computer.  Every night he would rest his head on my leg or share my pillow while I slept.  We would seek always each other out.  Until his fifteenth year. ..

    Paddington started sleeping more and eating less.  He was back to being more aloof and he didn’t sleep on my bed any more.  I was in denial, but a trip to the vet confirmed it.  He had cancer so the decision was made to end his suffering. 

    Paddington was very special.  The perfect first cat.  He introduced me to the world of cats and the unconditional love they can give.  I haven’t looked back since.  I still think about him often.  

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  1. calico man
    Putting a pet down is always hard, but getting a new pet is always fun!
  2. jaydeew
    So sorry about Karmah.
  3. karmahcat2013
    My cat karmah went through this also just 3 weeks ago had to put her down it was so sad
  4. jaydeew
    Thank's Angels mommy and elizabethkay.  I do hope Rainy gets well soon.  
    And I remember the first Christmas without Paddington being very sad as well.
  5. elizabethkay
    My heartfelt sympathies for your losses. JaydeeW, you were lucky to have Paddington for 14 years. He was very beautiful!  My 11 yr. old Persian lady, Rainy, is very sick and I am so sad.
  6. angels mommy
    I'm so sorry for both of your losses. I understand.
    This Feb.5th will be 1 year ago that I had to say goodbye to my Angel after only 2 months of chemo. I started this Christmas morning off with a cry, missing him, & it being my first Christmas without him.
  7. jaydeew
    I'm so sorry about Metro.  It is so hard to say goodbye to your best friend.
  8. metro14
    I euthanized my best friend Metro on Wednesday and I am very sad.Thanks for your lovely story.
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