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How Well Do You Speak Cat?

Oct 1, 2014 · Updated Oct 3, 2015 · ·
  1. Anne
    Understanding cats can be challenging but cat lovers often pick up the main phrases in "cat language" over time. So, how proficient are you? Take our quiz and find out! Don't forget to share your results on Facebook and tell your friends to take the quiz too!

    Let us know how you did in the comments below (but don't give away any of the answers!)

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  1. micknsnicks2mom
    very interesting quiz! i learned more about why cats express themselves in certain ways. my score was 100%, but then i've lived with and loved cats since i was very young.
  2. twinkles21
    On the question with the pictures, to me they all look like "murder" face lol.
  3. maggie101
    Where is it?I am getting a blank screen
  4. alyssam
    12/12 whoop whoop!
  5. noodelsmoma2008
    I new I was in tune with my kitty
  6. littlelion
  7. caralian
    Woohoo. 12/12. :D My cats taught me well!
  8. callista
    We need a harder quiz, almost everybody is getting a perfect score. Sure we're all cat lovers, but there are subtler signals that cats send than those. Besides, two out of the four are joke answers half the time. Up your game, TCS!
  9. Margret
    Only 11 out of 12. I missed the squinting question. Darn!

    @maggie101 On some browsers it can take a while to show up. That's what happened on my iPad.

  10. maggie101
    still not getting it.i waited 2 hrs
    oh well...
  11. slykat12
    I don't think that could have been any easier. 12/12. I always test well. lol
  12. mitty
    10/12, loved the quiz sooo much!!
  13. mitty
    10/12, loved the quiz sooo much!!
  14. Anne
    @maggie101 I'll contact you via PM to see what can be done.
  15. snuggykitty
    i got  7/12.
  16. caltritwiamb4
    I took the test and only got 1 wrong.
  17. juliek1975
    I got 100%, that was a piece of cake for a crazy cat lady :)
  18. roguethecat
    that was way too easy... or I'm just that well-taught :)
  19. quickster47
    Well I missed one which is not too bad.
  20. maiaelizabeth
    I'm fluent in cat language 11/12 I know always understand what my babies are saying
  21. catsrkids
    10/12 - not too terrible....
  22. phoebe69021
    100% I love cats and have always had one
  23. angels mommy
    Purrfect score! :)   Some of those choices were funny!
  24. mariahfrankfort
    Hey I got 11\12 too!!!!!! I love cats
  25. jiskefet
    It will not load for me,, unfortunately...
  26. Anne
    Sorry about that! Seems like they had some issues at the site that hosts the quizzes. All appears to be back to normal now.
  27. jtbo
    12/12, it was quite fun, even quiet easy one, maybe at some day there could be quiz with sound samples too? That might be quite difficult to build though.

    If you don't get quiz working, check that you are allowing third party cookies from qzzr.com as well as allowing third party host qzzr.com.
  28. jiskefet
    Dead easy, really.
    My cats taught me well.
  29. nicolina
    100% :D
    I've lived with cats my entire life and they've always fascinated me.
  30. cats--always
    That was an awesome cat quiz! I really enjoyed it! I knew I can speak cat fluently! Hehe. Are there more cat quizzes on this site?
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