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How Well Do You Speak Cat?

Oct 1, 2014 · Updated Oct 3, 2015 · ·
  1. Anne
    Understanding cats can be challenging but cat lovers often pick up the main phrases in "cat language" over time. So, how proficient are you? Take our quiz and find out! Don't forget to share your results on Facebook and tell your friends to take the quiz too!

    Let us know how you did in the comments below (but don't give away any of the answers!)

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  1. golondrina
    Not difficult
  2. British Girls
    91% Fluent in cat language: (can run for office in cat country)
  3. golondrina
    12/12 Not very difficult
  4. Cupcake_Luv
    11/12 · Scored 91%

    Result: Fluent in Cat Language (Can Run for Office in Cat County)
  5. CrAzY_CaT_MoM
    12/12 a pretty easy one. but cat behaviour and signs is a very useful thing to learn and can really help in a situation when your cat is aggresive/nervous etc if you know what to do. i have learned that the hard way.
  6. DrizzleOfSalt
  7. Louloua :-)) Noor
    Mor quizes pleeeaaaase
    1. Anne
      Well done! You can find more cat quizzes here -
  8. hellobecky
  9. Anne
  10. ginny
    This quiz is easy peasy.  Cat101.  Do you have a more difficult one?
  11. greytiger
    10/12 Great quiz!
  12. nerdgeekcat
    neat quiz thank you 4 the eye stuf i look in her eyes al the time *she has pretty eyes*  so thank you
  13. peterbald love
    12/12 i am fluent in cat language!
  14. troub95
    12/12; UN here I come
  15. chloeg
    12/12.thats great but then again Im the crazy cat lady.more quizzes like this please
  16. blackangel
    12/12! Didn't know I knew so much about cats. LoL!
  17. mrcloverthecat
    @twinkles if you look closely, the tuxedo cat had its paws bended, showing it was content
  18. bravetoreador
    12/12 :) honestly I speak cat a lot better than human. Humans are confusing as heck.
  19. tzaddicat
    12/12  The Cat Lady better know her stuff!!!  =^..^=
  20. Kat0121
    12/12 . The kitties will be so proud. 
  21. meow123
    I got 3 wrong my countputer is slow and I clicked and clicked and it finally loaded and I didn't even get to see what there was to pick so it said I got 4 wrong but 3
  22. mrsjcross87
    12/12 ^_^ I've been owned by cats for my whole life :D
  23. tangerinesunset
    I think that was a little TOO easy. The right answers were the only ones that weren't jokes haha! I got 100%, but there were some I actually didn't know, and could have failed on if the answers weren't so obvious. Either way, I enjoyed it, and learned new things!
  24. tallyollyopia
    Considering I've only shared a house with cats for about a year, I did great! :)
  25. coolcat
    11/12 not so bad!
  26. raysmyheart
     I loved this quiz!  When Speedy sees a Cardinal at the birdfeeder, she will let out that chirp described in the quiz.  I'm not sure why it is the Cardinal out of all the birds, maybe she can see the color red, but she is very vocal about it!  Another thing I noticed too, is that cats do not like to be stared at.  They will turn their head to the side.  Great quiz, lots of fun!
  27. tony1666
    The only one you marked me wrong on was "rub my tummy".  But trust me - I know many cats expose their tummies as a sign of trust, not inviting touching, but MY cat really DOES mean "please rub my tummy", and I do it often. You have to learn the language of your own cat. So I figure I got 100% on this quiz.

    Incidentally I visited a leopard at the Asheboro NC zoo once, and I did the slow blink at her. And she blinked back. I felt so hono(u)red.

    I read with amsuement about how humans might communicate with aliens if we ever come into contact.  Heck I communicate with  an alien every day and we get on pretty well and I think we love each other.  Sometimes when I appear to her to be stupid it's because I know exactly what she wants but it's not good for her.  Try explaining that to an alien!  So our communication is not perfect but our mutual love is.  At the moment Amber the Red is legs in the air around the back of my laptop, scrabbling round the sides, having been frustrated at not being allowed to sit on my keyboard, which she does all the time when I forget to close the top down. I now have to get off my computer now she has appeared round both sides 6 times in the last two minutes!
  28. nurseangel
    I can finally quit my job and go to work for the UN.  As a cat interpreter.  The perfect job for me!
  29. segelkatt
    12/12. I've had cats for ca. 30 years but for the first 10 didn't really concern myself with them. For some reason I became more interested and can now consider myself pretty much an expert on all things cat. Nevertheless, there is always something I did not know before, we never stop learning. 
  30. amandatzl
    11/12 i got the one with all of the above wrong,
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