As cat owners, we need to make sure that the litterboxes meet our cat's demands. With some cats, this is not an easy task! To keep Kitty happy, you must have enough litterboxes of the right kind, put them in the right places and fill them with just the right amount of the right litter. Even if you got everything right, your job isn't done. Now is the time to setup an effective litterbox maintenance routine.

Before we deal with the litterbox maintenance routine, a few words for new cat owners.

If you're still wondering about the basics, we have you covered. Consider these guidelines when you set up the litterboxes -
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What's the best location for the litterboxes?

These guides are great for first time cat owners but also for those dealing with a cat who's not using the litterbox. If that's why you're reading this article, you should definitely take a look at this article -
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Assuming your kitties all use the box regularly and you have your initial setup done right, let's move on to more routine matters.

Why You Should Have A Litterbox Maintenance Routine

One of the most important things about the litterbox is to keep it clean.

Nobody likes a dirty bathroom and that goes for cats as well as humans. In fact, cats are famous for being very clean creatures. Feral cats keep changing the spot they use as their toilets. Living at home, your cat has no choice but to use the same spot: The litterbox. It is up to you to keep that spot as clean and fresh as possible.

You should make cleaning into a routine because cats need stability. Cleaning the box "whenever" just won't work. If you're around to clean the litterbox three times a day on a weekend but then fail to clean it at all during the week, that's not good enough for your cat's needs. What you should aim for is a consistent routine that includes regular cleaning of the box at fixed intervals.

How often should you clean the litterbox?

Good question. The rule of thumb is to clean the box between once to twice a day. Some cats are so fastidious, they need their box to be cleaned after every use - in which case you may want to invest in an automatic self-cleaning box to help you maintain a state of perfect cleanliness. How to tell how often your cat's box should be cleaned? We have a guide just for that -
How Often Should I Clean the Litter Box?

How To Set Up An Effective Litterbox Maintenance Routine

Once you have your ideal cleaning frequency down, consider the following -

1. How long does it take you to clean the litterboxes?
2. At what times can you regularly clean the boxes? Mornings? Evenings? Or maybe it's the middle of the day?
3. Can other people help you out when you're not available?

Based on the answers, set up your routine, focusing on what times each box gets cleaned up every day and who will be doing the cleaning (if there's more than one of you).

Tips for effective litterbox maintenance -
  • Use a good scoop. It will help you clean the box quickly and more efficiently.
  • Keep the tools of the trade nearby. Have your scoop and plastic bags ready.
  • Stock up on litter and make sure you always have enough for topping up the litterbox.
Once you set up a routine that's right for you and for your cat, cleaning the litterboxes becomes much easier. You have to put less thought into it and can just work as part of your regular daily routine.

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