Name: Heifercat

Sex: Male

Year of Birth: 1996

Breed: Himalayan

Fur Color: Colorpoint

Eye Color: Blue

His CFA title is actually Mr.Blue Snuggles, because it does sound better than Heifer or Hef-cat or Big Blue, which is what we usually call him, lol. He's a big baby, and loves to have his tummy rubbed, but loves to bunny kick you when you get started! Big Blue left us for the Rainbow Bridge in November 2009, within hours of the second anniversary of the death of his daddy, Rusty.

Arrival Story:

Big Blue came to me from my mom, she used my Rusty as a stud for her Topsy, so he was payment for stud service,but I wouldn't trade him for anything!

Favorite Food & Treats:

Big Blue absoultely adores dry kibble of any kind, but he's the reason we feed Chicken Soup, so many of the others cause him to have allergic dermatitis reactions,so we stick with one that don't!
Favorite Toys:
Not much, he's like his daddy,LAZY!!