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Goofy Cats And Their Christmas Tree Obsessions

Dec 11, 2015 · ·
  1. Anne
    With Christmas right around the corner, many homes switch to holiday-themed decor. The largest and most prominent element in any living room is usually the Christmas tree. Large and (usually) green, it looms over the living room with dangling glass balls and dancing lights.

    Bringing a tree with cat toys, a.k.a. ornaments, hanging from its branches into the domain of a cat can be a recipe for disaster. No self-respecting cat can ignore its flashy presence and many set off to explore the fascinating new glittery jungle of toy-laden branches. The results can be dramatic and fortunately, they are sometimes caught on tape. We've brought together a bunch of video clips depicting feline efforts to topple Christmas trees, often successfully!

    With this being TheCatSite.com, where cats come first, we'd like to stress that some of these video clips depict situations you should avoid. Before we let the fun and laughs begin, we urge you to check out these articles about cat safety over the holidays, including guides on how to safely set up your tree -

    11 Must-know Tips To Keep Cats Safe During The Holidays

    Cats And Christmas Trees

    Cats And Christmas - Tips For Cat Owners

    Are Christmas trees the enemy?

    This kitty was asking herself that very question. She was dealing with such a small specimen, you'd think it would be safe, wouldn't you? Wrong! This is one of the scariest Christmas trees ever!

    Important note: Do not try this at home! Always best to avoid scaring cats in your household.

    Knocking over a tree isn't always a bad thing. In rare cases like this one, toppling a Christmas tree takes on a whole new meaning -

    Look at all the lights! Oh, wait, who cares about the lights, there's a bird in the tree! Whoever decorated this tree obviously does not know Da Bird is irresistible to most cats...

    Here's an important safety tip for you: Do not tie a rope to the tree. No worries, it's not going to run away in the middle of the night if you leave it rope-free. On the other hand, isn't tying down the tree and leaving the rope just out there an irresistible temptation for Kitty? It's not going to end nicely... In other words: Never let your cat walk your tree on a leash.

    It's a jungle in here, I tell ya.

    Watch this video to see why it's never a good idea to let Kitty play "King Of The Jungle" on your tree -

    A curious Siamese and a tree loaded with baubles? That's a disaster waiting to happen. This Meezer-Teaser of a tree just can't stay upright.

    Think trees are having a rough time with our kitties? Think again! You ain't seen nothing yet, until you've seen these big cats seriously maul Christmas trees. This clip is dedicated to all of the sweet kitties who tried to wage a war on a Christmas tree and failed. After all, the tree often topples over, but the cat doesn't fall far from the tree, so it's a lose-lose situation. Please keep your cat safe this holiday season!

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  1. raysmyheart
    Cats playing on Christmas trees remind me so much of cats walking on narrow shelves displaying glassware. :)
    1. calico man
      Exactly--an accident waiting to happen!
  2. donutte
    Oh my, Douglas Fir, we have that one; he scares me!! We decided not to bring it out this year with the kittens being... kittens.
      heatherandmoon purraised this.
  3. SeventhHeaven
    The 4th one taunting the cat with the bird ornament.....why people why?
    1. calico man
      I agree-what did he think was going to happen when he placed the ornament higher on the tree?
  4. betsygee
    Haha!  That first clip made me jump, even though I knew what would happen.
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