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Get Inspired: Cat-themed Halloween Decorations

Oct 10, 2017 · Updated Oct 11, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Why not make the most of your love for cats and introduce a cat theme to your Halloween displays? If you need inspiration for awesome feline decor this October, we have some fantastic ideas for you! DIY or shopping recommendations? We've got you covered in this special guide.

    Why a cat theme for your Halloween decor?

    Historically, black cats were associated with witchcraft and witches. People believed a black cat might be a witch's familiar or helper.

    Through their association with witches, and by virtue of their dark color, black cats have become an emblem of Halloween just like ghosts, spiders and pumpkins. Images of black cats have become an integral part of Halloween decor. That's great news for cat lovers who adore decorating for Halloween! Showing off our love for all things feline is a natural match for Halloween decor!

    If DIY is your thing, you can carve or paint pumpkins to create beautiful - yet spooky! - cat decorations. And don't worry, we cover some awesome options for cat lovers who prefer to shop for their Halloween decor. Let's take a look at some great ways to catify your porch for the holiday.

    How to carve a pumpkin to look like a cat?

    Perhaps the easiest DIY way to introduce a feline theme into your Halloween decor is by carving a cat-shaped Jack O' Lantern. If you can carve a pumpkin on your own, then turning it into a bright orange kitty face shouldn't be too difficult because feline facial features are so easily recognizable.

    Whether you want to carve a single cat-face pumpkin or a dozen, you can find some great tips about how to achieve the purrfect feline look in this video tutorial by Hannah Showell and Carleigh Twillmann. This fun step-by-step tutorial will guide you through carving your own cat-shaped pumpkin as it covers everything from tools through choosing the right pumpkin to creating a cute feline face -

    For more inspiration - and mostly for the smiles - check out this video as well. Jonasek the kitten carves his first pumpkin (no worries, he has no access to actual knives!)

    Cat-themed painted pumpkins

    You don't have to use a knife either. Decorating a pumpkin to look like a cat can be achieved using paint as well. Here are some tips for painting on pumpkins -
    1. Clean and dry your pumpkin. Be thorough yet gentle so as not to scratch the surface of your pumpkin.
    2. Spray a coat of painting sealer on your pumpkin. This will give you a smoother dust-free surface to paint on for better results.
    3. You can use the pumpkin's natural color as your background or begin by covering it with a solid base color of black or a different shade of orange.
    4. Paint your pumpkin in stages. Let each part dry before continuing so you can always find a place to hold the pumpkin with ease as you paint.
    5. Once you're done, add another coat of sealer to the finished pumpkin.
    Need some inspiration? Here are some beautiful Pinterest images of cat-themed decorated pumpkins -

    Shopping for Cat-Themed Halloween Decorations

    Inspired by DIY projects but prefer to shop for your own Halloween decor? These decorations will surely introduce the feline sense into your display, indoors or outside.

    You can add a black cat sticker to your window - this one is elegantly minimalistic but still amusing.
    Black cat sticker: Get inspired for decorating your home for Halloween with a cat theme

    Or try this dramatic layout of a pair of feline eyes -
    Cat eyes Halloween Window decor: Cat Themed Halloween Decor Guide

    Go beyond the windows and walls and add this adorable yet very Halloweeny cat door decoration -
    Halloween cat door decor

    Hosting a Halloween party? Place this smiling black cat on your table. A cute centerpiece that goes very well with spooky dishes!
    Black cat Halloween table centerpiece

    Why not throw a few of these party garlands with whimsical black cat faces looking at each other.
    Cat Garlands for Halloween

    Ready to go all the way? Order this huge black cat (73 inches long!) for your lawn. This self- inflating kitty lights up and moves around while staring at anyone passing by.
    Cat-themed Halloween Decorations: Inflatable Halloween cat

    If your backyard is large enough you can even add this gigantic 11-foot tall inflatable black cat -
    Cat-themed Halloween Decorations: Giant Halloween inflatable cat for your lawn
    Make sure to take lots of pictures and share your Halloween cat-themed displays with us in the forums!

    And one last thing - please keep your cats safe during Halloween. Read here about the risks of the holiday and how to protect your cat from them -
    Take Special Care Of Your Cat On Halloween
    How To Safely Dress-up Your Cat For Halloween

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