Name: Garfunkel

Sex: Male

Is this a Memorial Page? No

Year of Birth: 3/20/2011

Breed: DSH

Fur Color: Red/Light Brown/White Tabby

Eye Color: Cat's Eye (Amber)

Biography: Garfunkel is a bundle of mischief 

and sweetness wrapped into one. He loves to eat

and play with bendy straws and the window

blinds. He loves to sleep under my quilt, warming

up my legs and feet like a hot water bottle.

Arrival Story: Garfunkel arrived with his 

brother & littermate Simon on May 1, 2011.

Favorite Food & Treats: Any minute I'm awake

is a minute he could be eating, in Garfunkel's

opinion.  He cries for food no matter if he just

polished off lunch or dinner.  He will eat

whatever I give him!

Favorite Toys: For Garfunkel, anything is a toy.

If it moves he will try to catch it.  He is 

especially adept at catching insects, like

flies.  (Thank goodness!)  He also loves hair

and necklaces.  Of the three kittens he is the

least fond of wand toys, but he is most fond of

mischief of any kind!