Name: Garfield

Sex: Male

Year of Birth: 2005

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Fur Color: Bicolor

Eye Color: Green

This boy lives up to his name, I do swear that he'll eat ANYTHING! He has the biggest, rumbling purr that I 've ever heard, and he's sweet , but God love him, he's grouchy like an old man, lol! He's forever grumbling under his breath about something or someone.

Arrival Story:

Garfield showed up on my front porch just a few days after Katrina blew through, less than 8 weeks old, so we brought him in and raised he's a fixture~

Favorite Food & Treats:

Anything that isn't nailed food, cat treats, lettuce, bologna, cheese, cheetos, doughnuts, spaghettio's.......sigh!
Favorite Toys: