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Feline Toy Story: 33 Cats That Show You What They Do With Toys

Feb 14, 2018 · ·
  1. Anne
    Remember our sensational article Feline Toy Story: 21 Sweet Cats With Their Soft Furriends? Like every great piece of content, we felt it deserved a proper sequel! TheCatSite is proud to present -
    Feline Toy Story II: 33 Cats That Show You What They Do With Toys, starring the famous TCS Kitties!
    Feline Toy Story II: 33 Cats That Show You What They Do With Toys
    Yes, you may notice this is less about being "furriends" with one's toys. We're moving from the realms of romance and introducing some action to the plot! Let's try and introduce it more gradually though... After all, many cats do enjoy snuggling next to a big plush friend.

    Sleeping next to big cats can be a very comforting experience -

    And provide companionship -


    And help you improve your self-esteem -

    The larger stuffed toys may make great furriends, but bring out the smaller ones, and a cat's hunting instincts kick right into action. Yes, as promised, it's time to move into the action shots!

    Cats are predators, and a toy mouse or birdie can be just as enticing as the real thing. Watch your cat's behavior when you introduce a new toy and you should be able to see all stages of "The Grand Chase".

    It usually starts with stalking one's prey -


    Unlike real prey, toys aren't very good at running away, which means you'll get to witness a full-blown attack that is right out of a BBC nature film. Feel free to narrate the following shocking images of spectacular natural awesomeness using your best David Attenborough impression.

    Warning: You may want to keep children away from the screen for the coming photos. Viewer discretion advised.


    Once the prey is captured, most fierce tigers cats keep vigil. These smart kitties know that some animals "play dead" so they keep a close watch over their kill. Just in case it tries to get away. You just never know with these devious critters.

    Some cats go as far as to carry their killed prey to a safe spot. This helps make sure no one else gets a bite of their coveted prize.
    And others still choose to shred their prey to make sure it never ever runs away again!

    Unfortunately, some of those brave hunters that keep guard over their prey end up falling asleep. Fortunately, the prey tends to remain still, at least long enough for their parent to snap a quick shot.
    Of course, other times, the prey can move around... As this picture clearly proves -
    Whew! Are you ok? Or is your pulse racing from all the action?

    To help you relax, we'll share a few final images, showing more kitties who choose to befriend their toys.
    1000x1000px-LL-8c7d1fdb_IMA.jpg Simbaandfriend.jpg
    See? It really is possible to enjoy the company of a toy without hunting it down!

    Or is it...? [Insert ominous laughter here]

    So, how about your cats? How do they interact with their cat toys? Leave us a comment and let us know. And please share this article with your friends too!

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  1. tarasgirl06
    These wonderful pictures could make a beautiful coffee table book. Just sayin'.
  2. calico man
    Always entertaining to watch cats when they are playing...!
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      A very cute little orange fluffball!
      calico man purraised this.
  3. calico man
    These crackle chutes are great!
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      Aren't they? We love ours!
  4. angels mommy
    Funny! So cute! I love it. I must have missed the first one. Sammie doesn't play with too many toys. She seems to prefer wand toys like "Da bird" and I just bought one that's a big mouse w/ a long flooffy tail. She'll "hide" under the coffee table & stalk it as I swooch it back & forth.
    She's not into the many small mice & balls I have. Angel was my little soccer player. That was fun, i'd toss the ball, & he'd chase after it, batting it around. Neither took or has taken to any stuffed animals. I figured because they came from outside, & I didn't have them as kittens to start that cuddle thing with any.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  5. foxxycat
    very cute!!!
  6. catlover4ever1423
    Love the pics! adorable.
  7. emeraldthecat
    I wish my cat did that. She doesn't play with any toys I buy her!:confused2:
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      Try "da Bird". I've yet to meet the cat who won't rise to the occasion of this feather lure wand toy being launched.
  8. mazie
    What a fun and cute thread.
  9. mani
    So cute.. they look so serious when they're 'on the hunt'.
  10. Fifi-Hawaii
    Wonderful article
  11. Northernlitez
    Puuurfect way to start the day with smiles. Thanks for sharing!:thanks:
  12. betsygee
    Adorable!! :heartshape:
  13. tinydestroyer
    What a great photo series! And I see that Mog's mouse-catching prowess is on display as well. Thanks for including my pic, and sharing all the adorable kitties, (or is it fearsome hunters?) :insertevillaugh:
  14. mservant
    Love it: from snuggles and comfort to serious hunting instincts this articel shows cats at their cutest.
  15. Shane Kent
    That’s a lot of cute kitties:)
      Anne purraised this.
  16. tarasgirl06
    These are some of the cutest pix I've ever seen. Thanks to TCS and everyone involved in sharing this series! Balm for the soul.
      Anne purraised this.
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