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Dr. Sidney Freedman

Nov 22, 2016 · ·
  1. queensryche
    Dr. Sidney Freedman, an odd name for a cat, isn't it? Dr. Sidney Freedman was named after my mom's favorite character on M*A*S*H. From there, he's adopted plenty of names. We've called him Sidney, Sid, Fatzo, Fozzie Bear, Fluffball, etc. 
    This fat cat was adopted from an animal shelter downtown after my mom's favorite cat was put down to kidney failure, among other medical problems. She wanted another older male cat to sit on her and sleep with her, and while Sidney wasn't like that when we first adopted him, he has become quite the cuddle buddy over time.
    I'm pretty sure he's part maine coon, or some kind of large, long haired cat because of how big he is. He has to get shaved every summer to avoid hairballs and to help with Nevada's 100+ degree weather. 
    Sidney follows me around the house everywhere when I'm at home, and when I'm on the computer, he lays in my bed behind me and waits for me to lay next to him and pet him.
    This fifteen pound big boy loves to lay on chests. The only thing is, once he's down, he will not get up for a long time. And he's a natural heater so he gets hot.
    He's also developed arthritis in his hips, so we give him medication for it that he hates. However, if we don't give him it, he'll follow my parents around the house until it's given to him. Yet, even with all his problems in his hips, he still loves to play with his toys.
    Though he'd much rather snuggle with someone.

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  1. tarasgirl06
    Who doesn't love a big, heavy cat lying on them, especially when it's cold? ;)  Dr. Freedman is indeed a handsome practitioner and yes, his long nose and noble muzzle, along with his intelligent expression, are very reminiscent of Maineys.  Long may he play! 
  2. raysmyheart
      Dr. Sidney is such a beautiful kitty.  He has beautiful eyes.  I know how it is when they lie down on your chest (or your hip, etc.) and you cannot move because you don't want to hurt their feelings!  He looks very loyal and happy to  be with you.  Marianne (raysmyheart) and Speedy wish you many happy times together.
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