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Replies on Comment by Alejandra Rico

  1. master tabby
    Hybrid of some wild cat, good looking cat though. You will either do a DNA Test, or wait til full grown and still would have to DNA test to see what family. But looks hybrid to me.
  2. Alejandra Rico
    It is not a "hybrid", but a melanistic Bengal cat, as I said...
  3. Buttons2014
    that is a beautiful black cat i did not even know they existed, i wonder if it came from the black leoperd/black panther tree or something
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  4. Alejandra Rico
    [USER=64726]@buttons[/USER], Bengal cats are descendants of the outcross of the Asian Leopard Cat (a small and timid feline, of the size of a domestic cat) an the domestic cat. So there is no actual influence of the black panther or the Leopard, even though they clearly look alike un their pattern.
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