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Replies on Comment by orange&white

  1. lavishsqualor
    Beautifully put, Orange and White. You assuaged my fears for my cats, that's for sure. If I get Salmonellosis that's fine; I have good insurance and can deal with it. I just don't want my cats to get it. You showed me how low the statistics are that they would and I'm grateful for that. Thank you!
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  2. orange&white
    In most cases of Salmonellosis in cats, a cat will have diarrhea up to a week and not need treatment. Over the years I've fed a raw homemade diet, I've never seen anything except healthy cat poop. How many kibble-fed cats have constant diarrhea? Cats can get a more severe infection which would require fluid therapy to recover. That is still better in my mind than having a cat diagnosed with chronic kidney failure because the cat's kidneys processed carbs and food additives for years.
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  3. Anne
    I think it's possible to feed raw safely but I also think it's very important to understand the risks - salmonella is just one of them. For a healthy adult - human or feline - the risk is low. For a kitten, an older cat, a cat who's already sick etc, the risk is higher. Unfortunately, cats don't have any special magical defense against infections. Is the risk worth it? IMO, that's a personal choice to be made by each owner for each cat.
  4. orange&white
    I agree with the point your article makes that less than 1% of cats become infected with salmonella, and that many don't show any symptoms of illness. When I look up top 20 causes of cat deaths, I see salmonellosis no where on any list. Whereas I do see chronic illnesses which honest vets have started to attribute to processed diets. Yes, it's a personal choice.
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