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Change Your Thoughts - Inspurrational Quote

Mar 1, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Feeling down? In need of a change?

    Norman Vincent Peale is considered to be one the founders of the positive thinking movement. He advocated the concept of the power of thoughts and beliefs to shape your reality. I don't know if it can change objective reality but it certainly can change our own outlook on reality, and surely that counts for quite a lot? What do you think?

    I thought this beautiful image really complements the message, and if you think so too, why not share it to inspire someone else today? [​IMG]

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  1. louann jude
    I really like it. It can apply to anything. I saved it and am posting to my facebook. 
  2. dennis47
    It's a great pic, and I think it goes well with the quote.
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