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Celebrate Every Tiny Victory - Inspurrational Quote

Aug 3, 2016 · Updated Aug 3, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Life is fragile and precious.

    That's a lesson every cat rescuer knows. Taking care of a tiny newborn kitten is a huge challenge. These little ones are so fragile that ever with the best of care, some just don't make it. When you help an orphaned newborn kitten make it through and thrive to become a loved pet cat, that is a real victory.

    Remember to focus on your victories, big AND small. Even a tiny victory should be celebrated.

    I hope today's quote helps inspire you. I love when we can take lessons from cats and cat care and use them to achieve personal growth. I hope you do too! If so, let me know in the comments which of your favorite inspirational quotes relate to cats and how.

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  1. raysmyheart
    @Tarasgirl06, I agree that these messages make a BIG difference on a bad day.  I really have to celebrate  the baby steps today, look at this little guy - he does!!  I am convinced more and more and year by year that cats lives intertwine with ours not by coincidence.  Having her in my life is my victory that I am ever grateful for.  Her waking me up everyday is such a blessing.
  2. tarasgirl06
    I love all truly positive and inspirational quotes -- I guess that's why I get a lot of them on my social media accounts.  They can really make the difference on a bad day! and I do share them on my social media, because I have a lot of followers and friends who are cat advocates, too, as well as animal advocates, human rights advocates, land advocates, etc.  THIS is just the cutest!!!  Thanks for sharing it with us.  I'm going to do likewise. >^^<
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